Beauty Lantern Shop - Ch. 18

  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop


  • ωну! ρσкєяƒα¢є кυη!

    ωну! ρσкєяƒα¢є кυη!

    2019-07-11 15:43

    A mysterious shop whose owner is a mysterious beauty and what it's selling is mysterious lanterns. 🤔🤔 oh wow.... this comic is so mysterious!!!

    • Pinky-chan: you also have 69 likes how mysterious 😂😂👌

    • I'm shook: you say in all of your comments on this comic "mysterious" at least once...

    • 11 Replies


    2019-07-11 15:15

    What's in the book😏😏😏🧐🧐🧐 This comic is really interesting

    • Husna Haziqah😛😝: An ancient version of p*rn

    • 3 Replies
  • ot7_bangtan


    2019-07-11 15:42

    he's already wiping her tears away😢😭 its soooo cute now I'm gonna cry💜💜💜

  • Peter Francis

    Peter Francis

    2019-07-11 19:6

    He knows a way to make her happy, my stupid mind says He must have completed reading the book lol

    • loyalty&royaltyDNA: I like your profile pic is it from game of throne Or another movie

    • loyalty&royaltyDNA: or is it from Vikings

    • 6 Replies
  • ❣SuhoJugyeongSeojun❣


    2019-07-11 16:2

    emmm... juat i the only one who doenst understand the whole story and what is the story about??😅

    • little penguin: yeah i think just u 😂

    • ❣SuhoJugyeongSeojun❣: just*

    • 8 Replies
  • queen red velvet

    queen red velvet

    2019-07-11 16:46

    mature content next?

    • altair hoshi: same, I think of mature content too. bcs he says that book can make men and women happy and then he says he can make her...

  • ScarlettMist


    2019-07-11 17:19

    give me your eyesight, that will definitely make me happy 😘😘

  • americhano


    2019-07-12 4:30

    NO ONE GONNA TALK BOUT HIS POOR SISTER??? that emperor is cray cray!

  • ot7_bangtan


    2019-07-11 15:39

    wow great job author I love it!!!!!💜

  • Himiko🌸


    2019-07-11 16:22

    Wiping Her Tearsss Aww

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