Poem of Hell Confession - Ch. 5

Poem of Hell Confession
Poem of Hell Confession

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Well-behaved girl, Lian Yin, finally summoned up the courage to confess to childhood sweetheart, Fengyao Gong, but received an ambiguous answer. Was it timing's fault? Or was she not good enough? Anyway, she, who had a crush on Fengyao Gong for many years, didn't want to give up. While not long after this failed confession, another sudden high-profile confession completely upended her peaceful life... When she was despairing about Fengyao Gong's tragic death at the hands of the monster, she found that everything had returned to calm, as if the disaster had never happened. And the man who caused the great disaster like the end of days, entered her life as an ordinary student in plain sight...

99 Chapters

  • Poem of Hell Confession
  • Poem of Hell Confession
  • Poem of Hell Confession
  • Poem of Hell Confession
  • Poem of Hell Confession
  • Poem of Hell Confession
  • Poem of Hell Confession
  • Poem of Hell Confession


  • kiandra luccete

    kiandra luccete

    2019-05-18 15:0

    woah, that just...beyond my imagination for sure. go gurl hahaha 💃

    • Summer ≧ω≦: I am going to bring my glasses and popcorn..... yess power of love oops kiss 😜😜

    • angel chan: the power of first kiss

    • 9 Replies
  • What the-----??!!!

    What the-----??!!!

    2019-05-18 14:51

    what kind of fusion is that? 😂 It looks badass

    • Pizza and Bacon: It looks like my mom...a lot...

    • donт тoυcн мaн ѕнιp: wE R dA CrSTal gEMs! holy reminds me of steven universe xD

    • 17 Replies
  • ami ✖💋✖💋

    ami ✖💋✖💋

    2019-05-18 15:42

    powerful kiss , better than Snowwhitez😁

    • Visitor 27784: good commics

  • justNoOne


    2019-05-18 15:28

    me: *casually sitting in the garden while reading and seeping some coffee* *kiss* me: woah! *transform* me: pfffffffffft- ( that's me spitting my coffee in the garden table ) also me: well (;=v=||l) that's... um.. interesting hehehe (×v×)/

    • Princess Vang: Atleast you were in the Garden. Imagine all of that happening inside the house or something....😅😂

    • (::BTS:::TXT::): 😂😂😂😂😂

    • 5 Replies
  • Harmonee White Gold

    Harmonee White Gold

    2019-05-18 16:19

    That man is so dangerous!❤💋😍😘🎵

    • Pussy Cat: that man is so dangerous🎶 take away my money🎶 throwaway my time🎶 you can call me honey🎶 but you know damn Lover frie...

  • Sarah💋


    2019-05-18 15:6

    what the hell is going on...but it's interesting

  • Kotori Chan

    Kotori Chan

    2019-05-18 14:37

    so awesome*^*

  • Visitor82733


    2019-05-18 15:8

    SURPIZE! This ain't no ordinary romance! 😎

    • AutumnFire : SURPRISE that ain’t no ordinary spelling!

    • Visitor82733: lol!!😂 I didn't even notice

  • ~anzai ♡

    ~anzai ♡

    2019-05-18 15:10

    this comic just like an anime ..(luck and logic)

  • Tenneh Momoh

    Tenneh Momoh

    2019-05-18 16:28

    I was expecting an ordinary romance with drama and blah blah blah but this is getting good

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