Poem of Hell Confession - Ch. 16

Poem of Hell Confession
Poem of Hell Confession

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Well-behaved girl, Lian Yin, finally summoned up the courage to confess to childhood sweetheart, Fengyao Gong, but received an ambiguous answer. Was it timing's fault? Or was she not good enough? Anyway, she, who had a crush on Fengyao Gong for many years, didn't want to give up. While not long after this failed confession, another sudden high-profile confession completely upended her peaceful life... When she was despairing about Fengyao Gong's tragic death at the hands of the monster, she found that everything had returned to calm, as if the disaster had never happened. And the man who caused the great disaster like the end of days, entered her life as an ordinary student in plain sight...

99 Chapters

  • Poem of Hell Confession
  • Poem of Hell Confession
  • Poem of Hell Confession
  • Poem of Hell Confession
  • Poem of Hell Confession
  • Poem of Hell Confession
  • Poem of Hell Confession


  • (::BTS:::TXT::)


    2019-05-18 15:20

    The look When your nerd friend gives u too much information to process 😂😂😂

    • alvapriya: It's the look when ur teacher teaches u something that u don't get but u don't wanna tell cuz u dont wanna look stupid

    • noideasformyusername: he didn't give you too much info to process. he just said it's magic. 😂😂😂

    • 17 Replies
  • What the-----??!!!

    What the-----??!!!

    2019-05-18 15:2

    Yea says the guy with lots of pearcings...boohoooo she's an artist😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • It's me again

    It's me again

    2019-05-18 15:26

    ummm... well, he still has his brain😕

  • Miki-sama


    2019-05-19 7:0

    Sima is just hilarious 😂

  • WhiteLynx


    2019-05-19 6:32

    she looks good tho😁 look at it from the bright side, my hair is blue 😂

  • Visitor 12102

    Visitor 12102

    2019-05-19 1:17

    omg she looks nervous about her hair👊

  • BTS, Lorien, Seven

    BTS, Lorien, Seven

    2019-05-18 17:21

    4th comment meh honestly why is there no comments? this is sad 😥

  • Mycode:2❤Y❤V❤W❤V❤V❤


    2019-05-19 8:6

    she will be sensitive to pain and extreme temperature,omg thats bad then !!😞

    • Kazzie: I'm a red head and it's true sadly

  • MoreOHSHCplz


    2019-06-04 16:54

    when he said that's she's more SENSITIVE to EXTREME PAIN AND TEMP. yeah, that's when I said, "I feel a close-to-death scene for her coming on! " 😂😂

  • Soph Mystery

    Soph Mystery

    2019-05-18 22:57

    😣😍🥰😻😍all these fit lads tho😍😍😍

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