Poem of Hell Confession - Ch. 1

Poem of Hell Confession
Poem of Hell Confession

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Well-behaved girl, Lian Yin, finally summoned up the courage to confess to childhood sweetheart, Fengyao Gong, but received an ambiguous answer. Was it timing's fault? Or was she not good enough? Anyway, she, who had a crush on Fengyao Gong for many years, didn't want to give up. While not long after this failed confession, another sudden high-profile confession completely upended her peaceful life... When she was despairing about Fengyao Gong's tragic death at the hands of the monster, she found that everything had returned to calm, as if the disaster had never happened. And the man who caused the great disaster like the end of days, entered her life as an ordinary student in plain sight...

99 Chapters

  • Poem of Hell Confession
  • Poem of Hell Confession
  • Poem of Hell Confession
  • Poem of Hell Confession
  • Poem of Hell Confession
  • Poem of Hell Confession


  • Sometimes


    2019-05-18 14:36

    Everyone's so good-looking in this comic ❤

    • XxCHRISTHxX: And when I look at myself (rubbish)

    • Miley foxxy: you say everyone's so good looking...then i read your name lol

    • 230 Replies
  • Mila The Queen👑

    Mila The Queen👑

    2019-05-18 18:24

    a purple haired best friend? she seems nice, I wonder how that will turn out...

    • Ibrahima Kouyate: she will stay herself besides not all purple haired girls are bad i have purple hair and i am not a bad girl but a good ...

    • Visitor68981: same the first time I saw here I said nah its not gonna be right

    • 3 Replies
  • joy steph

    joy steph

    2019-05-18 15:42

    the blonde girl is so cute

  • (::BTS:::TXT::)


    2019-05-18 15:6

    New comic 😊 sounds really interesting

  • 🌬WINTER❄


    2019-05-18 16:3

    lian😂 oh my eyes I was reading liar at the whole conversation then I thought why are they telling her liar 😕 then I rubbed my eyes and then it was lian 😿

    • xXleanneXxSakamakixX: Well you have a bad eyesight but I am the same My name is Leanne nickname Lian or Yanah and now I kinda laugh at my o...

  • Angelica Bibber

    Angelica Bibber

    2019-05-18 15:7

    Read the first scene and already have a feeling the purple hair girl is gonna turn on her 👿

  • ♨omae_wa_mou💯💐


    2019-05-18 16:10

    She's cute tho😍

  • Maria Kawaii

    Maria Kawaii

    2019-05-18 16:3

    YEEYYY!! New Clomic😍😍

  • NCTizen


    2019-05-19 4:6

    seriously when I was first reading the info of this comic I was like oh fantasy, romance and monster. and then I was like WHAT MONSTER?! uhhhhhh should I do it or not. and then I saw the 2 handsome guys and then I quickly press the read without any hesitation hahaha

  • TheNaiveMr.Lu


    2019-05-19 4:13

    Interesting...but i already dont like the blond guy 😂

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