Marshal, She Ran Away Again! - Ch. 13

Marshal, She Ran Away Again!
Marshal, She Ran Away Again!

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A well-organized trap makes her embark on the journey of revenge. Innocence is her disguise. She swears to herself that she will make them pay whatever it takes. An unexpected encounter, she messes up a bossy and cold-hearted man. What surprises her most is that that man asks her to marry him! On the scale between life and freedom, what is her choice?

423 Chapters

  • Marshal, She Ran Away Again!
  • Marshal, She Ran Away Again!
  • Marshal, She Ran Away Again!
  • Marshal, She Ran Away Again!
  • Marshal, She Ran Away Again!
  • Marshal, She Ran Away Again!
  • Marshal, She Ran Away Again!
  • Marshal, She Ran Away Again!


  • hotdog


    2019-04-20 14:45

    What a jerk... 🙄

    • Im weird deal with: IKR! it's so sad it's gross too!

    • DarkCrystal: yeah this isn't for me that's some nasty shit

    • 46 Replies
  • cool camille

    cool camille

    2019-04-20 14:50

    i know I'm Pervy too bt i don't like all these things without the concern from both the parties....😯😯

    • Ar Bay: Hate it if it's not consensual... it's just not right to romanticize those things. But setting aside that event, I like ...

    • Im weird deal with: same it's making me cry I feel so bad for her!

    • 40 Replies
  • Hanna Valley

    Hanna Valley

    2019-04-20 15:45

    Yeah he's creepy and disgusting, I refuse to accept him as the male lead when he just forced MC to watch him have sex with another woman!

    • Hannah Wyatt: "Dad how did you and mom meet"? "Welll it started in a brothel with another woman----"

    • dionysus: he's legit insane

    • 15 Replies
  • ChicKei


    2019-04-20 14:30

    stop being a pervert, u pervert! 😑

  • Lilien


    2019-04-20 15:3

    wtf?????? sICK!!!!!!!! PLS DONT BE THE ML HE'S DISGUSTING.

    • Jeremiah Joelin Ja: they will be each other's weakness

  • Han Hyun Jae

    Han Hyun Jae

    2019-04-20 15:27

    lol I thought her elder brother we be pervert but this solider is the biggest pervert I have ever seen 😂

  • Space Pony

    Space Pony

    2019-04-21 1:52

    That is a nightmare. That's gotta be one of the worse things a 16-year-old girl can experience. First, she's kidnapped, then witnesses a dude being skinned alive, and finally, she is forced to watch her captor have sex!.....god... bless this virgin child😢. this makes me so grateful I have such a overprotective mother.(Well actually I asked her for pepper spray, just in case some manic comes out of no where, and she said...."Jesus'll protect you." WELL THE BIBLE SAYS,"One who is wise is cautious and avoid evil." btw it's a part of proverbs 14:16.)

    • Alpha_Cookie 5065: I agree. He is a total jerk! how can he make her watch these things! It just makes me so mad! and I love your username...

    • Little bean~: Ikr. Im surprised she isn't crying. If I were her, I wont even move a muscle.

  • Carolyn  Tan Hui Xuan

    Carolyn Tan Hui Xuan

    2019-04-20 17:1

    If he’s the male lead, I’d rather not read on ew

    • Ashllin: Same...

  • RanKudo


    2019-04-20 23:0

    I'm disappointed with his attitude😡

  • @Jeceey


    2019-04-21 2:37

    If some people think he's still hot and handsome I think you have a problem with your brain I don't find what he did attractive AT ALL. What a jerk. I hate playboy what the hell

    • zarus zin: I wanna 👊👊 him he is 🤢🤮

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