Heckin' Dead - Ch. 13

  • Heckin' Dead
  • Heckin' Dead
  • Heckin' Dead
  • Heckin' Dead


  • ......dot


    2019-04-20 2:38

    "heaven is boring" why do I find this funny?😂

    • Kip Trevor: Heaven and Hell here aren’t actually based on any particular religion.

    • KittyXD5056 XOXO: Maybe its because its too peaceful and they had nothing do to.. lmao

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  • That Awkward UwU

    That Awkward UwU

    2019-04-20 2:40

    boring indeed the HELL WITH YOU BLESS MY BOYS

    • Visitor 46611: OMG YOU READ THAT AWKWARD MAGIC!!!

    • vannah and friends: I love you profile pic that's my favorite webcomic

    • 8 Replies
  • ......dot


    2019-04-20 2:38

    now I want to know why heaven is boring

    • Reaper13 : Nothing fun to do. No bad to make the good enjoyable.

    • ninja naruto: on heaven u can play games with friends order everything u want and poof on hell u just burn to death come back alive an...

    • 3 Replies
  • 💐🍰TinyIdol🍓🍦


    2019-04-22 6:20

    Heaven is not boring "If you read the Bible you would understand" and their is allot of things up their that jesus planed for us😊

    • 💐🍰TinyIdol🍓🍦: sure●□●uh do you know what's up their 😐😂

    • ninja naruto: UwU u can fly in heaven watch tv order any food lol noone bullies u UwU

  • ❀єℓєgαทτ єτнαท✿

    ❀єℓєgαทτ єτнαท✿

    2019-04-20 2:33

    There so cute Ψ(≧ω≦)Ψ

  • ninja naruto

    ninja naruto

    2019-05-30 21:24

    heaven is not boring u meet new people u can fly play games in ur house and order any type of food (!_!) on hell u burn to death and come alive burn to death again this is just comic nothing real 😥

  • K-PopStan


    2019-04-21 13:50

    lol heaven is boring.

    • ninja naruto: (!_! )it not

    • Sometimes: it's just a comic bruh... chill and I do know that it's not boring there... I want to go there too and meet my savior 😊...

    • 5 Replies
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