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Sweet Revenge
Sweet Revenge

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Shiyou, a genius scholar with a loose manner and hidden agenda. Eiji, a young master who looks for the scholar to be his teacher for the upcoming government exam. Rikuto, a judge who holds the power to open the case and hand down the sentence. It all started from the event 4 yeas ago… when a whole family is robbed and murdered leaving only one sole survivor.

10 Chapters

  • Sweet Revenge
  • Sweet Revenge
  • Sweet Revenge
  • Sweet Revenge


  • Yaoilover😜


    2019-07-05 22:31

    You enjoy yourself author I can wait and thanks for all the funny and pervey moments i got a imagination full and the chibis at the end is great

    • Alexandra Rosethorn: The chibis are soooo kawaii~~~

    • Sally Roebuck: I think we need more explicit chapters

  • Nico Ju

    Nico Ju

    2019-07-05 22:31

    It's alright author. Take your time. We know you will do an amazing work.Stay well.

    • Jerome H: I agree

  • Demonic_Hunter


    2019-07-05 22:31

    it's okay take your time

  • SliceofKarma


    2019-07-05 23:42

    Thank you for the notice and take your time! ☺️ Over working is bad for your health, take care of yourself. We'll still be here and we can always go back and re-read if we start to miss it. Til then be well and happy 🙃

  • 《Beans》


    2019-07-06 2:56

    Take as long as you need, Author-chan! All of us readers will wait patiently and continue to support you 💜💜💜

  • Prachi Saini

    Prachi Saini

    2019-07-06 9:20

    Come soon!!. cause I only want to see those scene 😆😆.

  • SuHa Mael

    SuHa Mael

    2019-07-06 0:30

    it's alright xD..take your time and also take care of your health.. don't overdo 🤗

  • Flurry69


    2019-07-06 0:56

    it's okkz author, take ur time but not so long😎😎I'm really looking forward to seeing it... Also take care of ur health.. nd the Chibis are so so so so cuteeeeeeee , I fell in love with them😍😍

  • Visitor 72657

    Visitor 72657

    2019-07-06 0:46

    Take your time... and I know you might’ve stated that before, which is why people shouldn’t ask for an upspree because of the balance of work and Comic art Time. I understand that as I’m doing the same as you are, but I’m not publishing mine just yet. I’m stocking up on some chapters so that if I have to stop and take a break that I can still upload. Take as long as you need. We understand.😺🤩

  • nutellaMe


    2019-07-06 1:13

    They are so cute.. nah.. real life is more important. Will miss this comic though. Hope you have a wonderful ahead author 😘❤️

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