Seven - Ch. 16


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The adorkable girl, Karin received a sudden "confession" from the school hunk, Yijun. It should have been a romantic campus love, but Karin was involved in an incident of driving ghost. As the heir of the oriental exorcism family, Yijun seems to hide some secrets to Karin. The story starts from the death of the mysterious girl and opens the door of everyone's fate...

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  • ❄️WINTER❄️


    2019-04-29 12:1

    this chapter is full of sadness😔😔

    • BlackAsDiamonds: I was listening to the music "Hold On" then I accidentally press this chapter THAT I will read after I finish my YT vid ...

    • Tonia Amatjasa: yess

    • 4 Replies
  • cool camille

    cool camille

    2019-04-29 12:2

    seeing that kid crying my heart hurts😭.. it's not your or ur mom's fault it's all because of that evil guy !!😤

    • Mahabubur Rohman: Not true,it really is her fault. She didn't try to accept the reality, and brought her baby back in an illegal way.She a...

    • YouTube Not-So Star: CUTE!!❤❤

    • 12 Replies
  • callMeGgll


    2019-04-29 12:19

    so truth is now revealed. The mother just want to keep the baby bcuz it is the last thing she had on her boyfriend.

    • gaming_is_life: I just hope that kid gets rebirth.. no one deserves suffering

  • whazzaaaaa


    2019-04-29 12:53

    man... so much sacrifice... but why only young girls bloods???

    • Xiang OwO: cause it's pure and sweet?

  • Crαζγ_girι 🎪

    Crαζγ_girι 🎪

    2019-04-29 12:36

    I wonder what powers does the girl has...(+_+) Am very curious...!!!=_=

    • gaming_is_life: maybe she can do something to help the kid

    • I_am_a_pervert😂: She can revive the dead, I guess

    • 3 Replies
  • Visitor 86338

    Visitor 86338

    2019-04-29 12:20

    I'm crying

    • Rithanya: same here

  • Sylvia_anis


    2019-04-29 13:39

    And now I’m gonna go and cry my heart out...... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

  • Rithanya


    2019-04-29 15:36

    poor baby. I feel really sad for you

  • Elisha Demayo

    Elisha Demayo

    2020-03-24 2:54

    why does the mother look like mikasa when she wears her red scarf XD

  • Liskook 💓 💓 💓

    Liskook 💓 💓 💓

    2019-04-29 13:11

    The baby is not bad at all but huhuhu

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