Gentle Treatment - Ch. 15

Gentle Treatment
Gentle Treatment

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Tae Xu believes if there is a person in this world who is always against him, then there would have no one but Charles Duan. This guy likes to irritate him anytime and anywhere by calling him "toy boy", grabbing away his bro, and stealing the woman he likes. However, all of them feel that Charles is charming and popular. Tae believes that it is necessary to get rid off him. He is the actions-speak-louder-than-thoughts kind of person. But why Charles enjoys so much about Tae's revenge? Out of surprise, Tae could not help but also is in favor of him. For those who are in the underworld, life is in danger at all times. Tae and Charles, they both have inexpressible secrets and goals for which they can never give up even though they've fallen in love with each other.

96 Chapters

  • Gentle Treatment
  • Gentle Treatment
  • Gentle Treatment
  • Gentle Treatment
  • Gentle Treatment
  • Gentle Treatment
  • Gentle Treatment
  • Gentle Treatment


  • Riselle Kim

    Riselle Kim

    2019-02-28 12:6

    Dont hurt your man!😲

    • Natalia Renteria: “Kiss my ass I’ve never been civilized”

    • That one fan girl: Yea don’t hurt him

    • 5 Replies
  • Mikaela hyakuya

    Mikaela hyakuya

    2019-02-28 12:15

    Wait wat in the mother ape ass are you doing?!?!?!

    • Lan-Er GeGe, an ARMY: mother ape ass.. lmao😭😂😂😂😂

    • #BLanime4life😘😍😜: ahahaha lol

    • 4 Replies
  • Taylor Whitnum

    Taylor Whitnum

    2019-02-28 12:1

    Snapped 😂

    • Pyxis: SnApPeD—

  • little_chubby donut

    little_chubby donut

    2019-02-28 12:13

    calm the hell down boy

  • Madison tro

    Madison tro

    2019-02-28 11:59

    The hell

  • Hetalia-Italy❤❤❤


    2019-02-28 12:8

    hey hey hey wtf?

    • flexiblue_0: isn't he too rough😓

  • *silently judging*

    *silently judging*

    2019-02-28 12:27

    Role play.....?

    • #NoSleep_StillTired: We all wish it was just role play... 😅😓

  • Big fan

    Big fan

    2019-02-28 12:57

    I think he should calm down a little or he will have BP problem.

    • Visitor98974: yeah. Also I love ur pfp

  • Sakila


    2019-02-28 17:14

    "kiss my ass! I've never been civilized!" finally someone not shameful of not being civilized 😏

  • Occupied Nickname

    Occupied Nickname

    2019-03-02 23:54

    And this my kids is what we call abuse, and this is something you should never do.

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