Deck of Fates - Ch. 12

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  • Purple Jellybean

    Purple Jellybean

    2019-04-17 23:56

    i feel like rax is a good guy in his heart but he was mislead

    • Visitor 27253: Or why else would he sacrifice himself to save the others

    • Visitor 20166: çuz

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  • Otaku X Senpai

    Otaku X Senpai

    2019-04-18 0:44

    Fvk both u hope no one help yall

    • Bridgette14: Dang... I felt that!!

  • 🌅✴~DarkSky ~✴🌅

    🌅✴~DarkSky ~✴🌅

    2019-04-17 23:51

    what just happened🤔🤔

  • kaitou magic

    kaitou magic

    2019-04-18 3:9

    You killed everyone, who is going to help you🤥🤥

  • Visitor 41432

    Visitor 41432

    2019-04-18 7:24

    that idiot looking. for help..she already ruin the protagonist happiness and even killed the child's mother

  • Eszter Fodor

    Eszter Fodor

    2019-04-18 17:32

    Rax I hope you die! Saving that idiot🔥🔥🔥

  • Chigginnoodlesoup :/

    Chigginnoodlesoup :/

    2019-04-18 1:47

    I feel bad for them.. they don’t know what they’re doing and we’re misguided unfortunately

  • Shadow God

    Shadow God

    2019-04-18 1:38

    Rax die and she screaming for help to nothing but flames

  • Destiny Francis

    Destiny Francis

    2019-04-18 2:10

    too short

  • Kaneki HAISE

    Kaneki HAISE

    2019-04-18 11:31


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