Once All Will Change - Ch. 12

Once All Will Change
Once All Will Change

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Lane enrolled in an elite university. He grew up in a poor area of the city, so he has no idea what awaits him in the world of rich students. Irwin is the son of the country's prime minister, and his father is preparing him for a political position. There is one secret that unites, but can turn them into enemies. And there is one goal hinders their reconciliation.

15 Chapters

  • Once All Will Change
  • Once All Will Change
  • Once All Will Change
  • Once All Will Change
  • Once All Will Change
  • Once All Will Change


  • Mrs.Gloria Geoffrey

    Mrs.Gloria Geoffrey

    2020-06-13 11:5

    heheee yes hold him

  • BabyBlue's 💙

    BabyBlue's 💙

    2020-06-13 11:14

    :O wauu :>

    • Winterfrost 757😇: oooooh Shit

  • ShayM


    2020-06-13 12:3

    An "excuse me" would have sufficed

  • I Fudanshi boy

    I Fudanshi boy

    2020-06-13 11:28

    ohhh Sweet he cares 😍

  • I love you,yes you😍

    I love you,yes you😍

    2020-06-13 13:9

    what dose he care you ignored he remember😢

  • Visitor 01522

    Visitor 01522

    2020-06-13 14:21

    Oop- I can smell drama ✌️

  • DoNt MiNd mE ~

    DoNt MiNd mE ~

    2020-06-13 12:11

    aHh I got the notification and I was too lazy to come and read it so I'm here now and I FUKING KNOW THAT IM FUKING LATE!!! im a potato who loves BL ಥ⌣ಥ

  • #kimiko you rock

    #kimiko you rock

    2020-06-13 18:0

    what just this much 😒.

  • Lucio Lala Adelaida

    Lucio Lala Adelaida

    2020-06-13 13:26

    see more ok wow

  • pookyswirl


    2020-06-13 17:36

    Common why so short we wait for so long and it’s so short 😭

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