My Weird Roommate - Ch. 20 Bruised

My Weird Roommate
My Weird Roommate

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A slice of life story about a group of students who are different in appearance but might actually be more similar then one would think.

277 Chapters

  • My Weird Roommate
  • My Weird Roommate
  • My Weird Roommate
  • My Weird Roommate
  • My Weird Roommate
  • My Weird Roommate
  • My Weird Roommate
  • My Weird Roommate
  • My Weird Roommate
  • My Weird Roommate
  • My Weird Roommate
  • My Weird Roommate


  • FANGIRL😍(I♡BL ☆_☆)

    FANGIRL😍(I♡BL ☆_☆)

    2019-01-22 23:1

    SAAAAAMEE that happens to me every morning

    • MayaTheDreamGirl: Same, I always get bruises all over my body out of no where.

    • Macaria Leigh: Oh My God .... YESSSS!

    • 50 Replies
  • 🍫Paris 🍫

    🍫Paris 🍫

    2019-01-22 23:25

    me when im reading bl at 2:00 am

    • YureeChan: Me too... 🤣🤣 mobile fell on my lips 😂

    • Devil._.child: omfg meeeee

    • 13 Replies
  • BL fan girl👀

    BL fan girl👀

    2019-01-23 1:8

    when you sleepy but still want to read bl comics😂😂

    • starfish709: that is so me

    • Cat Wilson: I know... the story gets better as you read and you can't stop!!!!😂

    • 4 Replies
  • J U N G S H O O K

    J U N G S H O O K

    2019-01-23 1:12

    Did anyone else notice the body pillow!? 😂

    • Ines Jozic: and how ASH smiled when his phone fell on nerd

    • Mavis_Vermillion: : yep they are concerned and happy 🤣🤣🤣

    • 6 Replies
  • Visitor70188


    2019-01-22 23:20

    that is me

  • AndyPanda237


    2019-01-22 23:19

    the relatablness is REAL aaahaha

  • LemonCandyJjong


    2019-01-23 0:5

    That hurts in real life too😣

  • Broken_but_healing


    2019-01-22 23:43

    Same I wake up with Bruises or cuts when I wake up in the morning

    • Devil._.child: o.o call the exorcist o.o

  • Visitor 10132

    Visitor 10132

    2019-01-23 3:36

    NO.6 MUSIC!! I'm such a nerd for recognizing the romanji :D

    • Vals: good thing it wasn't banana fish ost (TдT)

    • Visitor 23017: I saw it too!!! I love that song (^-^)

    • 5 Replies
  • Marcus Taejin

    Marcus Taejin

    2019-01-23 9:17

    That No.6 music broke my heart. That yaoi still makes me cry

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