Problem Child - Ch. 5

Problem Child
Problem Child

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Problem Child is a dysfunctional family drama, following bitter, alcoholic mother, Sandra, and her teenage daughter, Amber Bailey as they both struggle to accept their circumstances and cope with their trauma.

553 Chapters

  • Problem Child
  • Problem Child
  • Problem Child
  • Problem Child
  • Problem Child
  • Problem Child
  • Problem Child


  • Angry Nerd

    Angry Nerd

    2019-01-12 3:11

    I love this art style!

    • Blood&Chocolate: the art style is amazing and kind of vintage in a way. Makes me think of like old school comic strips.

    • Visitor69259: Me too!

    • 22 Replies
  • Beamer417


    2019-01-12 4:5

    I don't trust her friend . . .

    • Jay Y: I think the friend was just annoyed her sentence got cut off.

    • LeftToe👣: I feel like one day she won't be friends with her anymore

    • 25 Replies
  • Visitor 25812

    Visitor 25812

    2019-01-12 3:19

    this seems juicy🙈🙉🙊🙉🙈🙉🙊🙉🙈

    • LunimeLaver: Its Freaking Juiceeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyeeeeee ik i dont get it too

    • LunimeLaver: nah

    • 3 Replies
  • MidnightWolfGirl


    2019-01-12 4:5

    I only have one real friend *tear*

    • can we be friends?☺️: Well not anymore☺️

    • Visitor69259: Better add me. Then I’ll have one friend!

    • 11 Replies
  • MJD Deetzy

    MJD Deetzy

    2019-01-12 3:31

    Wazz up early squad?

    • MidnightWolfGirl: hey hey

    • Visitor69259: The sky

    • 4 Replies
  • Kerry Lian

    Kerry Lian

    2019-01-12 3:45

    this is so good

    • Audrey Frost: yep both have misunderstood each other😕😔

    • Rupa Saha: this is realy very good

  • Maeve


    2019-01-12 3:34

    I’m really enjoying this comic so far! Can’t wait to see what comes next! :>

  • Just💚Monika


    2019-01-13 4:21

    Finally something less anime.

    • Audrey Frost: yeah more like a car to on😂😂hey can you chat car to on without you can't😂😋

  • I Am So Done

    I Am So Done

    2019-01-12 6:48

    You can tell that her "friend" doesn't really want to listen to her problems, ready to leave until she was forced to listen. Man, this comic is gonna be tough to swallow.

  • Honey Biscuits 🍯

    Honey Biscuits 🍯

    2019-01-12 5:19

    hilarious already😂😂😘

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