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Problem Child
Problem Child

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Problem Child is a dysfunctional family drama, following bitter, alcoholic mother, Sandra, and her teenage daughter, Amber Bailey as they both struggle to accept their circumstances and cope with their trauma.

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  • Problem Child
  • Problem Child
  • Problem Child
  • Problem Child
  • Problem Child
  • Problem Child
  • Problem Child


  • Prince2001


    2019-01-22 23:2

    did she just drop her phone into d water like that 😮

    • 👑 Yuri Queen👑: i did that once... and i can guarantee that it wasnt a good choice..

    • Visitor 12199: Welp...I hope its water proof! XD

    • 23 Replies
  • Bts4ever


    2019-01-22 23:9

    This mom is a drunken mess, she NEEDS to get her shit together

    • Vyanktesh Sharma: She is saying her aunt didnt raise her well and what is she doing with her own daughter....

    • Jello ._.: It's not the moms fault the moms had a very bad life i dont want to spoil it for you anymore but STOP BLAMING THE MOM

    • 7 Replies
  • the_umming_girls


    2019-01-22 23:53

    umm... the least you can do is give me that phone instead of dropping it.

    • Visitor52768: Right

    • Hope Fowler: EXACTLY

  • Maya Patrick

    Maya Patrick

    2019-01-22 23:2

    She hasn’t even thought about her daughter:(

  • Ashy ash

    Ashy ash

    2019-01-22 23:1

    first motherfuker

    • Visitor 21815: you really wanna put a comma or something between those words or the meaning is quite different.

    • 5 Replies
  • puggirl cliff

    puggirl cliff

    2019-01-22 23:17

    really this mother you have a childdd

  • gigit


    2019-01-22 23:22

    poor girl

  • Visitor 26599

    Visitor 26599

    2019-01-22 23:42

    I love these comics!!

  • EllaDorito♥️


    2019-01-23 0:17

    Maybe it's not her fault that she's like this. It's because of the way that she was raised. Wether she has a daughter or not, she's probably all messed up about one or multiple events that happened to her when she was younger. On her "road to recovery", I would support her 100%

  • scarlet rose

    scarlet rose

    2019-01-23 1:21

    this could explain things as to why this mother is a alcoholic and treats her family like this. I am not saying this is justified for her actions but helps in showing us what happened to make her become this way.

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