Demon King's Troubles - Ch. 6

Demon King's Troubles
Demon King's Troubles

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The demon king, who had been sealed for three thousand years, once again invaded the mortal world, but unexpectedly he fell into the greatest crisis of his life! Guns vs magic, mobile phones vs elves... Ignorant demon king set out a new aggressive adventures in modern human society.

335 Chapters

  • Demon King's Troubles
  • Demon King's Troubles
  • Demon King's Troubles
  • Demon King's Troubles
  • Demon King's Troubles
  • Demon King's Troubles
  • Demon King's Troubles
  • Demon King's Troubles


  • Can I Get A UwU

    Can I Get A UwU

    2018-12-20 17:18

    now lets move fast and push the ship in the water and make it sail

    • GimmeLove~: stop i don't like fake UwU's

    • BTS💜dontsayImfirst: sorry but I dont like when people copy other people's account to get likes so I HATE YOU.

    • 195 Replies
  • Young Master

    Young Master

    2018-12-20 17:16

    Uh?! Uh?! Uh?!

    • SUPERGIRL D😎: I think she is the warrior he got defeated from!! in the past😍

    • IU fan: The girl who called him pervert

    • 17 Replies
  • Air Air Air

    Air Air Air

    2018-12-20 17:27

    If I have money I would lend you some because of your eyes and hair but I don't. You're on your own

  • Mika09 in UwU squad

    Mika09 in UwU squad

    2018-12-20 17:33

    They are destined to be together, but in a complicated and funny way. Let the shipping begin!!

  • i am 👀u

    i am 👀u

    2018-12-20 17:29

    yup thats him ur future bf

    • Xxn0tVeryHUMANxX: no her future husband

  • jhooooope


    2018-12-20 17:24


    • BTS💜dontsayImfirst: hi army how is life?

    • ❤kairi❤: I'm army too

    • 15 Replies
  • Queen Elijah

    Queen Elijah

    2018-12-20 17:18

    What a weird reaction

  • Namra Ali Khan

    Namra Ali Khan

    2018-12-20 17:19

    huh? huh?huh?

  • Snipergirllikesfood2


    2018-12-20 17:34

    lol his face when he realized in the human world u have to pay bills after eating😂😂🤣

  • Wangxian


    2018-12-20 19:0

    And Princess to the rescue.. such a nice change 😀😄

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