Zombie Creator - Ch. 3

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  • Tanny_Ru


    2018-12-16 17:27


    • OtakuAtHeart: It's not lazy or a flash back. The author stated it would be un coloured, if you want to winge about it being black and ...

    • oikawa.xoxo: tsk didnt they state in the description that its a non coloured comics come on

    • 19 Replies
  • Visitor 86090

    Visitor 86090

    2018-12-16 19:28

    I think it looks cool even if it is black and white I like the comic so far 🤘

    • Artemis Low: Thaaaaank you. Someone who agrees!

    • Visitor 86090: hahaha np I like it the way it is 😸😸😸

    • 18 Replies
  • Visitor 58140

    Visitor 58140

    2018-12-16 17:49

    black and white is so boring

    • I Luv Ghey Stuff UWU: It's just a color, the author put so much work into this! appreciate it exist!

    • I Luv Ghey Stuff UWU: Appreciate the fact the author made the comic, it's hardwork and this is how you describe him/her comic?!

    • 25 Replies
  • Toshiii


    2018-12-16 21:14

    I'm liking this so far! Idc if it's no colour!

    • sword master: o really I think I are from the stone age

    • sword master: o really I think I are from the stone age

  • Gay_Otaku_Kun


    2018-12-16 20:0

    Why is the first chapter in color and the rest are in black and white

    • Glaiza Silvestre: its probably a flashback

    • LadyLuck: It's all black and white (read the comics description)

    • 4 Replies
  • SomeGenderlessIdiot


    2018-12-16 17:23

    "kings of kidnapping" my ads lul

    • mop weeb: lol ikr? they weren't even kidnapping her, they literally asked someone to volunteer to take them.

  • phewse like me

    phewse like me

    2018-12-17 6:47

    yeah why r people asking where's the colors cause its better to see a flash back with out any XD

    • Kitty Lewis: But that's boring

    • shizukayagami17: It’s not a fking flashback

    • 3 Replies
  • its ya girl Wolfe

    its ya girl Wolfe

    2018-12-16 17:23


    • mop weeb: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewooooooooooooooooooooooooo (oh and also cute pfp)

  • F.URopinion


    2018-12-18 1:58

    I'm used to reading comics in B&W anyway, I don't know why people flipping out over no color. Color is not mandatory for comics, go cry elsewhere dweebs.

    • Lizzy Zeke: same

  • LadyLuck


    2018-12-20 6:33

    People complaining about it being black and white (which is stated in the description) still decide to read it?? Strange people...

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