Rules of the Top - Ch. 16

Rules of the Top
Rules of the Top

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Material girl Xia Jin tries to make Jin Jun, one of the three heirs of Jiangnan Consortium, Su li's fiance, her boyfriend, through the newly acquainted girl Suli. However, Jin Jun's devotion to Su li led Xia Jin to fail repeatedly. When Xia Jin accidentally found out that Suli was the one who inherited the most property among the three heirs, she immediately changed her target and began to befriend Suli... She has been too long to face her inner fragility and remaining tenderness. Because people cannot always have love and money in most cases, can they?

91 Chapters

  • Rules of the Top
  • Rules of the Top
  • Rules of the Top
  • Rules of the Top
  • Rules of the Top
  • Rules of the Top
  • Rules of the Top
  • Rules of the Top


  • C🇷Y🇸T🇦L*🇦N🇬E🇱A


    2019-01-14 13:15

    Let's see when the Yuri starts hmm....

    • Mandy the unicorn: that what we are waiting for! PLZ LET THE YURI BEGIN

    • Celestial maiden_♍: yup we all

    • 8 Replies
  • C🇷Y🇸T🇦L*🇦N🇬E🇱A


    2019-01-14 13:11

    Hmm interesting.... let's see what happens next...well for Lindsay she is special cool

    • FOREVER A.R.M.Y 😎: I just wish she doesn't get hurt.

  • àvəry..hõff


    2019-01-14 13:16

    she is using her 2 get information ....😕😕

    • Celestial maiden_♍: coz she want to be on the top and it's one of her rules

    • Daira Biaia: ikr

    • 4 Replies
  • Visitor90059


    2019-01-14 13:20

    ugh I don't like this long haired gurl now. always caring about money

    • Anonimi Personi: I am looking forward for her change in heart.

  • Nina Ricci Aguirre

    Nina Ricci Aguirre

    2019-01-14 13:31

    I'm just waiting for the yuri to start😁

    • kiwi_the_babyshark: for real!

  • Ella Cabrera

    Ella Cabrera

    2019-01-14 13:23

    wadup y'all

    • Jasmine(kpop is life: wadup

  • _BottomLineBoi_


    2019-01-14 13:22

    An update!

  • GiveMeLikes...


    2019-01-14 14:7

    oh she n Justin were childhood friends Ya know??

  • Bangtan💜


    2019-01-15 2:58

    I feel like I'm the only person who forgets what this comic is about and actually wants selena and jayden to end up together

    • Farhin Badhon: I want Selena and Justin to end up together.

  • 120SweetExitingheart60


    2019-01-16 1:17

    So there both first ever friends

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