School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard - Ch. 1

School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard
School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard

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When an S-class elite assassin-raised captain of a special ops suicide squad comes home from a high-stakes Africa mission, he finds himself offered something that could potentially set him up for life- a curious assignment that he could use to finally exit his days of war and slaughter. Then placed into a high-school setting, Lin Yi is tasked by the chairman of a top-tier multi-billion company with bodyguard duty for non-other than his own daughter, a certain little Miss of said high-school. His enemies, once ranging from drug lords, mafia bosses, political figures, and national leaders, are soon replaced with spoiled kids who happen to have rich papas and mamas, and Lin Yi finds his intense expertise and high-threat skillset misused, and very underwhelmed… But he does get a harem cast as diverse as his old enemies, so Lin Yi decides that, for the sake of messing around with girls as an invincible entity in a down-leveled environment, leaving his bloody and death-filled war days behind is something he'd definitely want to strive for.

227 Chapters

  • School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard
  • School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard
  • School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard
  • School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard
  • School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard
  • School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard
  • School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard
  • School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard
  • School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard


  • TaViOnna Huff-Sales

    TaViOnna Huff-Sales

    2018-09-30 17:8

    this comic is funny she was like who would believe them

    • LeafyKun BTS: I dont really find it funny but other ppl have diff personalitys and humour

    • Dream_catcher: its not funny but i guess you're easily amused😂

    • 8 Replies
  • Thunderstorm


    2018-09-30 17:27

    😂😂 I label these kinda people same way she does as con artist 😂😂

    • Ꭰꂅ꒝ꂅᎥᏉꂅ__ԾᏒ__ᎠꂅᏕϮᏒԾᎩ: 😂 same 😂 😂 😂

    • Ꭰꂅ꒝ꂅᎥᏉꂅ__ԾᏒ__ᎠꂅᏕϮᏒԾᎩ: Aww cute pfp

  • 1'M7H31NV1518L3G1RL


    2018-09-30 21:36

    welp.. she's listening to such an old song "the day u went u away".. too bad I forget the singer 😅😅

    • CLismyLifeuu: all right, I'm gonna search^_^

    • nita17 sari: M2m song

    • 4 Replies
  • Visitor 28280

    Visitor 28280

    2018-09-30 17:38

    Get the feeling I'm gonna enjoy this a lot 😂 .Is funny how I also do the same thing like the MC girl does especially with this kind of rude people *evaluates persons weakness**sees thru there true intentions* confirms that there a bunch of fakers and idiots trying to act smart

    • This is Cutie Ringo Joy: I see you so many places

    • Visitor 19319: Codylong is a person who are you 😏rich 🤑👍🐯⛈

    • 5 Replies
  • the_person_you_don't_know_♥


    2018-10-01 5:42

    she's so pretty ♡♡♡

    • Visitor 78114: Keisha martinez

    • Visitor 49807: what the hell

    • 4 Replies
  • Pepper Plays SSO

    Pepper Plays SSO

    2018-10-02 1:15

    song: day you went away. Who else sang it when they saw it?? 🙋

    • A Firefliees: Me 😊

  • WhereAreLoveStories


    2018-09-30 17:39

    Hmm...she got good eyes to know those con people....but where is Mr.bodygourd

    • Visitor 92538: an eye that can see everything from far

    • Shifu: what's a con man ?

    • 4 Replies
  • small hobo

    small hobo

    2018-09-30 17:7

    it finally updated! let another binge reading journey begin.......

    • Visitor 85514: hahahhahahahh

  • mike wataski

    mike wataski

    2018-10-02 5:37

    i know what the song at the first picture is THE DAY YOU WENT AWAY by M2M

  • Visitor 80432

    Visitor 80432

    2018-10-04 16:35

    amazing comic!

    • Visitor 73700: I'm just getting to my car now so much and you and everyone at the game tonight at the game and the store and I are look...

    • Visitor 73700: my order I placed on a response from you in a meeting with the store is

    • 3 Replies
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