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Vampire & Cross
Vampire & Cross

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"Will an interracial romantic relationship work out?! Aren't vampires that kill my parents?" I start to think about this when I met the harmless white-haired vampire? He seems different. He could kill me at the very beginning yet he didn't do anything but help me get out of troubles." Instead, why the one I trust most advise me again and again not to get myself involved in that vampire-hunter task anymore? I know there is something hiding from me, but what should I do to find it out?

167 Chapters

  • Vampire & Cross
  • Vampire & Cross
  • Vampire & Cross
  • Vampire & Cross
  • Vampire & Cross
  • Vampire & Cross
  • Vampire & Cross
  • Vampire & Cross


  • Erika Hayato

    Erika Hayato

    2018-09-27 21:22

    I already love it

    • I ♡ anime!!☆☆☆😁😜 and brendon urie! 😉😍: my mom is Erika! and like the pic!

    • Visitor 25066: ow i love the vampire hunters😊😊😊

    • 42 Replies
  • BTS_Lurei _Xelia

    BTS_Lurei _Xelia

    2018-09-27 21:10

    Maybe the vampire she will expel will be the male lead~

    • sleepy ferret 102: yes of they bootylicious then i ship it

    • army-chan~😘😘😘: Hellow fellow army!!😘

    • 40 Replies
  • Taezed


    2018-09-27 21:24

    be ready to fall in love with that Real Vampire girl👀👀

    • Shane_jin_24: Hahahaha😂😂

    • Visitor 44850: ya

    • 5 Replies
  • Ann Christin Dontknow

    Ann Christin Dontknow

    2018-09-27 21:14

    Edward from Twillight and Elena from Vampire Diaries 😁

    • Crazy Girl82: Yeah those are my favorite except The originals

    • Visitor 44850: yeah I watch vampire Diaries

    • 9 Replies
  • Ann Seivalent

    Ann Seivalent

    2018-09-28 5:2

    the vampire will be your lover girl don't worry we got your back😘

    • Fluffy Kittens!!!!: yep we do

    • Holly Sabrina: YESSSSSSSS ikr

  • Yasmine Collier

    Yasmine Collier

    2018-09-28 2:25

    Lucy heartfilia from fairy tail

    • Destiny McSwain: that's exactly what I thought and she was like go check the board for missions

    • Inara Ayson: NaLu love the anime(All lovers of fairy tail the anime is still on going) There is a number one question in the anime "A...

    • 13 Replies
  • Nawal Elja

    Nawal Elja

    2018-09-27 21:5

    First 🌹

    • Nawal Elja: It's like TVD (The Vampire Diaries)

    • Visitor 86634: I don't like vempire diaries but this is really good!😃

  • Arbin Engtipih

    Arbin Engtipih

    2018-09-28 1:29

    oh main story is going to begin now

  • Yozilynn Augustine

    Yozilynn Augustine

    2018-09-28 0:28

    OMG getting interested all ready lol😂😄

  • Visitor 02980

    Visitor 02980

    2018-10-06 13:39

    the boy is so the vamp isn't it obvious?🙄😐🤔🤨

    • me myself and I: really? I haven't really noticed

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