God Of Martial Arts - Ch. 6 Unruly And Overbearing III

God Of Martial Arts
God Of Martial Arts

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In this world, respect is earned with martial arts. Weak martial artists have strengths of tens of thousands of pounds, capable of cracking boulders. And the strong ones can cut off rivers and split mountains. There are even martial kings who know everything and can travel across the universe. Martial art decides your fate as well as your life and death. The weak is humiliated while the strong looks down on the world. This is a a world where the strong bullies the weak. People's statuses are decided by the levels of their cultivation of martial arts. Each faction fights for the title of "The Strongest". Only the strong ones have the right to survive. Even if you are from the same clan or faction, if you are weak, then you will be bullied and kicked out without mercy.

111 Chapters

  • God Of Martial Arts
  • God Of Martial Arts
  • God Of Martial Arts
  • God Of Martial Arts
  • God Of Martial Arts
  • God Of Martial Arts
  • God Of Martial Arts
  • God Of Martial Arts


  • coolchilly pepper

    coolchilly pepper

    2018-10-10 13:4

    he's like it's not possible

    • yukki senpai: I'm like SO DAMN HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 3 Replies
  • Visitor 50720

    Visitor 50720

    2018-10-10 13:18

    He is EPIC I repeat E P I C

    • Christelle Khoury: no he is legendary

    • Don Fluffles: no I think a god

    • 8 Replies
  • Magi Freed

    Magi Freed

    2018-10-10 13:41

    he was like "how does dirt taste dumbER ass" xD

    • Visitor 18174: .....no it wasn't

  • Hamu for lifeu~

    Hamu for lifeu~

    2018-10-10 13:46

    Search Peerless martial god in google xD it has over 2500 chapters. Im only at chap. 60 so there's still a long way to go

    • Tommy Rouleau: is Peerless Martial God another name for this comic and is it translated?

    • Jimson Weed: did they explain how he got all those knowledge on him about history, cultivation and so on.... when even he just came f...

    • 6 Replies
  • Petunia


    2018-10-10 13:24

    Watch that guy send assassins.

  • Senpai😏😏


    2018-10-12 15:47

    Sasuke...is that u...? and where is naruto??

    • Emmanuel Ifeanyi: are u a naruto fan

  • Noblesse


    2018-10-10 13:19

    May the force be with you!

    • Schneider Bernd: And with your spirit

  • Rohit Karikalan

    Rohit Karikalan

    2018-10-10 13:16

    he's awesome

  • mango man

    mango man

    2018-10-10 13:29

    1st. .. yayyu

  • Tai Diriang

    Tai Diriang

    2018-10-10 15:2

    don't mess with the boss....future villians😁😁

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