Merchant of Rivakes - Ch. 20

  • Merchant of Rivakes
  • Merchant of Rivakes
  • Merchant of Rivakes
  • Merchant of Rivakes
  • Merchant of Rivakes
  • Merchant of Rivakes
  • Merchant of Rivakes
  • Merchant of Rivakes


  • Visitor82733


    2018-12-17 16:14

    "I've made a decision...I'll become a monk and have neither one of you overbearing women!"

    • Anime&comics r life: 😂😂😂😂😂 peace at last 😂

    • anime girl for LIFE: haaaaaaaaaaaaa 😁 😁 l can't even

    • 12 Replies
  • yzhea


    2018-12-17 16:3

    he'll just stay single. getting married is way too much trouble. 😂😂



    2018-12-17 16:21

    Let me finish ... " I made my decision , I'm gonna escape from both of you " (≧∇≦)b

    • Random pep: probably the smartest decision😂

  • the real Silver Fox

    the real Silver Fox

    2018-12-17 16:44

    I love how she's like : IM PREGNAT SO HE HAS TO MARRY ME (I bet she isn't )

    • Juan Saldana: she is if u read the previous chapters she has a baby bump while rubbing her stomach and they had unprotected sex so hes...

    • the real Silver Fox: you make a excellent point I hate when I'm wrong (I'm gonna die I was wrong)

    • 3 Replies
  • Kashish Rawat

    Kashish Rawat

    2018-12-17 16:27

    may be he will say "i choose myself"

    • ryuutobi: You mean, "I choose my right hand"

  • prince 😹

    prince 😹

    2018-12-17 16:18

    no to sleep !!! 😂😂😂😂

  • babyloves❣ 💑

    babyloves❣ 💑

    2018-12-17 16:7

    watta handsome boy 😂

  • Anjana S.Kumar

    Anjana S.Kumar

    2018-12-20 16:34

    I am not going to marry

  • Visitor 43067

    Visitor 43067

    2018-12-18 2:12

    stupied cliff hangers!

  • phewse like me

    phewse like me

    2018-12-18 5:55

    who would you choose not to thicc blue hair but rich or extra sexy thicc red hair and very skilled

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