Soul Toy - Ch. 4 Cat Spectre IV

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  • Angel Misc

    Angel Misc

    2018-08-19 23:37

    whoa....ok 1. he's hot and 2. OMG did he just swallow a spirit???

    • CarolsKingdom: it's like he is from soul eater

    • blue exorcist lover!: soul eater it's an anime go watch it!

    • 43 Replies
  • White_Flower_Is_Me


    2018-08-19 23:43

    I think this cat is funny and crazy........ hr just swallowed ot like nothing just happened 😱😂😅

    • I stan all the main leads😂😂: wait.. what?? the girl be like imma dreaming😂

    • ₵ⱧłⱠĐ ØF Đ₳Ɽ₭₦Ɇ₴₴: exactly!! 😂😂😂😂😂

    • 3 Replies
  • Rose Marí

    Rose Marí

    2018-08-19 23:42

    He killed him just to eat the spirit?😂

    • Visitor 42870: IKR

  • susan scarlet

    susan scarlet

    2018-08-20 0:13

    The cat person is so handsome. Did not expect that but I should have considering that all the others look amazing.

  • Veeka Akbari

    Veeka Akbari

    2018-08-19 23:32


  • Aliaa


    2018-08-19 23:47

    see what???

    • Liana Andra: BTS profile I guess?

  • i breathe for kpop

    i breathe for kpop

    2018-08-20 0:20

    well um he is pretty fine

  • s h o o k

    s h o o k

    2018-08-20 0:11

    zero comment my assss. somebotty save me

    • torachan 55718 (Greenwich): sister why didn't you keep dads name he gave you

  • Swordsman 94339 (Norfolk+(Ocean+View))

    Swordsman 94339 (Norfolk+(Ocean+View))

    2018-08-20 0:15

    Well that was weird

  • Noorie Lovett

    Noorie Lovett

    2018-08-21 18:2

    No comments my ass!

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