Honey, Don't Run Away - Ch. 5

Honey, Don't Run Away
Honey, Don't Run Away

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What kind of love is worth bearing in mind for a lifetime. She is the mother of a four-year-old, and he is the overwhelming President. She spares no effort in keeping the secret that she once had saved him, but he keeps pushing her step by step. "Be my girl, I can give you anything you want. But, you can't betray me or leave me." She sneered her reply, "President Ji, you have a fiancee, and being your secret lover is the least thing I want to do, because people criticize and curse the other woman."

173 Chapters

  • Honey, Don't Run Away
  • Honey, Don't Run Away
  • Honey, Don't Run Away
  • Honey, Don't Run Away
  • Honey, Don't Run Away
  • Honey, Don't Run Away
  • Honey, Don't Run Away
  • Honey, Don't Run Away
  • Honey, Don't Run Away
  • Honey, Don't Run Away


  • Rika layne

    Rika layne

    2018-07-06 17:5

    when your babe missing at mall

    • Jazzy Trotta: lol u lied to u said ur shopping 4 shoes and I find u in then food court nooooooooioooo

    • Aira Bugarin: his girl is just shoppin for something and after that she csme back in 3yrs and said to him srry boy i was shopping in i...

    • 247 Replies
  • Legacy Thorns

    Legacy Thorns

    2018-07-06 17:18


    • Nicole Gaso: i think this is where a girl and a boy parted ways the boy will continue his daily roch life and the girl the normal gir...

    • Uchiha Obito x Hatake Kakashi: did any of you think that woman give her eye to that man

    • 57 Replies
  • GabJones


    2018-07-06 17:10

    poor guy.... why did she runaway?

    • Miss Cold: I hope its not like the sad story that the man/woman becomes blind then their partner give their eyes to them so that th...

    • Afrina Scylr: Maybe because she made a contract with someone to only take care of him when he was blind..Just guessing

    • 34 Replies
  • Samantha McLeod

    Samantha McLeod

    2018-07-06 17:2

    no way it finished

    • Black Gem: it hasnt finished. if u read the blurb, they meet in the future and the girl shows no effort in concealing the fact that...

    • Black Gem: im guessing you’re American hut i did not give a spoiler. it was already in the description. u should be glad that im no...

    • 6 Replies
  • Meliodas1


    2018-07-06 17:12

    oh no....now I'm sad😓😓😥😥

    • shouta 20396 (Orlando): hay

    • shouta 20396 (Orlando): up

    • 5 Replies
  • Kitsune Miku

    Kitsune Miku

    2018-07-06 17:6

    Need more.. My girl i love you dont go.. Lets my a baby

    • Black Gem: that’s creepy man. but oh well, i guess i agree

    • OoohItsYUMEY: "let's my a baby" ? huh what do you mean? your creep

    • 11 Replies
  • Frances Sabrina C. Bahani

    Frances Sabrina C. Bahani

    2018-07-06 17:9

    My girl seriously

    • Black Gem: lol. he doesnt know her name that’s why. it was funny tho

    • Jazzy Trotta: he doesn't now her name

    • 9 Replies
  • CuteSavage


    2018-07-06 17:11

    ohhhhh....nooo why. boy you better get her or leave her......that is sad😭😭😭😭😭☹️

    • Bubbles of PPGZ: oh it's sadddddd!!!! and did anyone imagine a guy running in the hospital shouting "my girl "my girl" it's a little funn...

    • yoonminie: she had a reason😭 rereader:")

    • 4 Replies
  • ikemen 65380 (Gävle)

    ikemen 65380 (Gävle)

    2018-07-06 17:2

    first 😜😜😜😩😘😘😘😍😍

    • Aira Bugarin: i wont lose

    • Aira Bugarin: well im better luck next time

    • 3 Replies
  • Remolas


    2018-08-21 17:47


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