Honey, Don't Run Away - Ch. 3

Honey, Don't Run Away
Honey, Don't Run Away

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“Be my woman, I can give to you everything you want, wealth, and social status.” When she meets he again who has disappeared for five years, he can’t recognize her and he even has a fiancee. The fate arranges them to badger with each other again, who is the one trapped by this misplaced love first, and how will a love with a ridiculous beginning end?!

173 Chapters

  • Honey, Don't Run Away
  • Honey, Don't Run Away
  • Honey, Don't Run Away
  • Honey, Don't Run Away
  • Honey, Don't Run Away
  • Honey, Don't Run Away
  • Honey, Don't Run Away
  • Honey, Don't Run Away
  • Honey, Don't Run Away
  • Honey, Don't Run Away


  • CuteSavage


    2018-07-06 17:6

    awwwwww so cute and he just kissed her 😚😍😍😍

    • Im~a~unicorn🌽🌽🌽: my main question is...HOW'D HE KNOW WHERE HER MOUTH WAS😨

    • It'sMeh!: My only question is... "HOW THE HECK DID HE KNOW WHERE HER MOUTH IS???? "

    • 213 Replies
  • kitoo


    2018-07-06 17:29

    come on who said that you are ugly? you are so beautiful and on the top you have a very good heart 😊

    • Diamond Chatman: that speech was beautiful 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

    • Visitor 99806: he can't find things but Can find her lips WoW

    • 43 Replies
  • Taehyung✨


    2018-07-06 17:25

    awww that's so cute😄😄😆😆😘

    • Sneka 😉: hi army

    • Nochu_taekookies: ARMYYYYYYYYY

    • 77 Replies
  • Jade^.^


    2018-07-06 17:24

    That kiss tho!!

    • Silver Storyboard: how did he know where her lips where she wasn't even talking at the time?

    • Visitor 29856: how did he know that her lips were there it makes no sense

    • 13 Replies
  • Passing By

    Passing By

    2018-07-06 17:25

    That escalated quickly. Blush girl blush to your hearts content.

    • kumapandax: i love how you worded that 😂💙

    • Annisa Luna (Mindanao, Philippines): kyaaaaaa 😍

    • 6 Replies
  • Arbin Engtipih

    Arbin Engtipih

    2018-07-06 18:11

    aaawwww.. its to fast my heart can't take it😭😭😭😣😣but i like it

    • WonderWoman 25922 (New+York): Armyy

    • taehyung this perfect shit 👑: ARMY POWER HAHAHAHAHHA

    • 7 Replies
  • tacobell_smashedurmom


    2018-07-06 17:25

    she is a life saver she leads him to a new world I'd survival for being blind..

    • Potato Kawaii: hello again Koro sensei

    • princess 39825 (Universe): same

  • reiko rei

    reiko rei

    2018-07-06 18:46

    wow he just kissed her 😣😣😣😣😊😊😊

    • Visitor 84243: sure did

    • Ally Jackson: hi cutie

    • 8 Replies
  • UnicornFan


    2018-07-06 16:59

    First again😂

  • NekoChan 02421 (Devils+Lake)

    NekoChan 02421 (Devils+Lake)

    2018-08-21 18:51

    aww that's cute he's right it's about the girls personality not looks

    • Visitor 10454: yeah!

    • Visitor 94830: can you guys curse

    • 3 Replies
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