Me and Her Boyfriend - Ch. 11 What to do

Me and Her Boyfriend
Me and Her Boyfriend

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When the ex-girlfriend is threatening to kill herself and you have a hesitant and irresolute boyfriend, you end up in an "abnormal" love triangle relationship. The hardest part is that only I have to shoulder all the pain - me, the "other woman" in this Love Triangle. Tolerance and understanding, should these two be this painful? Until that person who is the reason for all my tears shows up...

99 Chapters

  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend
  • Me and Her Boyfriend


  • andromedha fea

    andromedha fea

    2018-04-07 10:16

    how long she must wait for u ? until her see u married with u ex beloved..

    • Madison Dumesle: that boy is lying to your face girl kick this motherfukes ass

    • TheLuna: ikr

    • 28 Replies
  • Persephone


    2018-04-07 10:12

    I really hate this guy. Always making excuses!

    • cool_girl_12_10: it's not an excuse she said she would attempt suicide when he tried to break up well it sort of is an excuse but it's a ...

    • Shraddha kadam: he's bad guy. why don't you break up with him Nd move on.... if it were me... I would break up Nd move on. don't suffer ...

    • 10 Replies
  • Reed wei wei..

    Reed wei wei..

    2018-04-07 10:53's heart touching....but waiting it's too enough ...just break up with that girl.

  • andromedha fea

    andromedha fea

    2018-04-07 10:22

    u really annoyed with the girl boy i think u just enjoyed have 2 Girlfriend..hey girl i just wanna say break up with him cause u wash ur time wait him in the end he choose his ex not u..

  • Aryz07


    2018-04-07 11:2

    wait till when??? are you fine being a mistress forever?

    • torachan 38620 (Kurashiki+(Kanda)): 😢😢yass

    • shunkafuyu aki: i will not

    • 3 Replies
  • Annisa Lunah

    Annisa Lunah

    2018-04-07 10:29

    Time to LOVE yourself girl!

  • hyzurk


    2018-04-07 12:29

    love is foolish sometimes 🙄

    • Wattpader: im agree

    • VIOLETS WORLD: lol ;¥

    • 3 Replies
  • Chyrstanna Jade Policarpio

    Chyrstanna Jade Policarpio

    2018-04-07 12:21

    Now she's crying

  • ellystardust☄️🌠


    2018-04-07 12:14

    Se se... Come no..😒😑

  • Lee Sooman

    Lee Sooman

    2018-04-07 12:15

    I don't know why my heart hurts!!😭😭😭😭

  • SugaKookies❁ཻུ۪۪⸙͎


    2018-09-14 12:21

    the ex threatened him and told him she would commit suicide if he left or something so I'm still waiting to see what would happen

  • Annie26


    2018-04-07 13:6

    Maybe that guy is just playing with her.

  • jungkookie jeonghanie

    jungkookie jeonghanie

    2018-04-07 14:53

    geez, I would never hook up with a guy like thar, if he doesn't stop hanging out with a that woman, I would break up with him, 😬😬😬😬

  • wuxiacultivator 50688 (Los+Angeles)

    wuxiacultivator 50688 (Los+Angeles)

    2018-04-07 17:4

    Don't wait for him the other girl just wants to be loved and u are put to the side find ur happiness with that black haired guy😏

  • Kawaii Kary

    Kawaii Kary

    2018-04-08 8:34

    i really dont like him he seems like the two faced and manipulating type

  • RandomBox 81

    RandomBox 81

    2018-04-07 13:24

    i hate him, i would have slapped him already

  • torachan 50849 (Oulu)

    torachan 50849 (Oulu)

    2018-04-07 15:24

    Spoilet alert: They will brake off in 27-28 chapter. I think so 👌🏻

    • the hidden: plz don't you just runiend it why do you think that people are reading tthe comic that's right to have suspension AND YO...

  • NishaChii~


    2018-04-07 16:6

    why do I get the feeling that the guy is faking it, when in reality he's a playboy???

  • Marie Claire

    Marie Claire

    2018-04-07 16:18

    I dont think feel like he's telling the truth, there could still be a chance that the girlfriend isn't really threatening to kill herself :(

  • DarkKnight 11240 (Pasig)

    DarkKnight 11240 (Pasig)

    2018-04-07 23:33

    what the !? why wait for something that doesn’t give a deym about what u feel being the other woman ???!

  • Malak


    2018-04-08 4:9

    Omg this is abusive mental manipulation!! I bet it isn't even his ex but a girlfriend he's cheating on

  • che_che


    2018-04-08 7:8

    break up with him... Girl

  • Accumulates AJ

    Accumulates AJ

    2018-04-08 7:22

    Ain’t nobody waiting for you after what you’ve done boy

  • cutie 55467 (Makati+City+(Bel+Air))

    cutie 55467 (Makati+City+(Bel+Air))

    2018-04-08 9:51

    dont believe him. In the end he will leave you. or You will realize that you cant wait for him anymore. That your relationship is nit working anymore

  • Angel Green

    Angel Green

    2018-04-08 17:6

    FUCK THAT..... If u really love someone u wouldn't ask them to be in this type of situation and then tell them to wait for u.

  • Michaela Williamson

    Michaela Williamson

    2018-04-09 1:40

    he is playing her

  • Miho_chan


    2018-04-09 10:17

    My command would be.. 'Kill yourself first' and gurl... What's wrong with u..?

  • violet


    2018-04-09 22:52

    aaaaah!!! there something happening in my heart whaaaa!!!!

  • Liliana Isaacs

    Liliana Isaacs

    2018-04-10 12:10

    yes she will wait but for how long. she WILL get tired of waiting after a while and leave you like yesterday's garbage. so sort your sh*t out NOW!!!

  • @xiopau21


    2018-04-12 14:32

    update plsss. i love this story, can you please update this story its give me an inspiration.😘😘

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