Demon's Sweetheart - Ch. 7

Demon's Sweetheart
Demon's Sweetheart

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Several years have passed and my parents were gone, it's he who, the man of no kinship with me, was appointed the only successor of my parents' company and real estate. Samson: Till the day she is 18 years old. I won't be her guardian any more. According to her father's will, all will be over. And I will become her legal husband.

118 Chapters

  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart


  • fitriani agustina p

    fitriani agustina p

    2018-02-25 7:18

    okay... that girl feels whining that he took away her inheritance, but still has the attitude to neglect her educations and acts bratty still at 18, n just thinking about boys and freedom with no responsibilities, instead of find a way to get her family's company back and take revenge on that man (that is if all he really after is really her company and her misery). gawd what a kid.

    • Uchuu jino: ey dont blame the victim her parents died and she was manipulated harassed abused and when she finally found a lifeline ...

    • ezerial blue: being controlled,manipulated,hit,sexually harassed(kissed,slapped in rear),psychologically traumatized,parents death,lon...

    • 108 Replies
  • Bella Cintya

    Bella Cintya

    2018-02-16 6:54

    go gurl i love you go run fly like a bird....

    • npc 72859 (Dearborn): jin, jimin,jungkook,jhope,suga,tae,namjoon

    • npc 72859 (Dearborn): BTS, ARMY BTS BTS BTS BTS

    • 50 Replies
  • suzana atangan

    suzana atangan

    2018-02-23 6:5

    Wow, finally decides to runaway. I wonder how this goes?

    • Broken Cow: Prob gonna be a train wreck

    • BEGONE THOTS: Most likely bad luck-VERY bad luck.

  • Shin Shin

    Shin Shin

    2018-03-01 13:37

    is it just me? or he looks like jumin Han from Mystic messenger😂😅 okey no one? then bye😂

    • NikoNiko 31061 (Coimbatore): Seems like Jumin's bad ending route xD

    • Captain Cotton: I found my people

    • 37 Replies
  • boss of owls21

    boss of owls21

    2018-03-07 19:45

    go girl run away this guy is a pervert

    • torachan 31438 (Columbus+(East+Columbus)): doesn't matter. he didn't have consent

    • palm trees trees: ikr everybod sees love i see a big pervert thats probly 26

    • 11 Replies
  • xXEvieeXx


    2018-03-02 18:24

    Don't look back babes!! Run!

  • elizabeth boss

    elizabeth boss

    2018-03-02 6:50

    that is such a classic move 😂

    • Raciest Cow: So easy ,but works so well

  • torachan 90280 (Miami)

    torachan 90280 (Miami)

    2018-02-28 1:4

    what happened?.......

    • acjr the gamer: I think she ran away.

    • Rosi Silverstein: She ran away and got stuck under a wall and was once again disrespected.

    • 3 Replies
  • Frances Mei

    Frances Mei

    2018-02-18 22:58

    2nd comment

    • QQ_cute😆: Babi

  • Ukazu Sisters

    Ukazu Sisters

    2018-08-21 17:59

    Oh darn she ran away

  • Tamauria McCoy

    Tamauria McCoy

    2018-02-28 1:11


  • Alexandria Davenport

    Alexandria Davenport

    2018-08-21 18:59

    uh oh she's in trouble

  • Sara G

    Sara G

    2018-08-21 17:52


  • LadyMae Asdani

    LadyMae Asdani

    2018-05-22 8:55

    you say that she is a little brat girl at the age of 18, but people, have u seen what he did to her???? She was sexually abused and that is not right. She deserves to run away. I support

    • Katy: plus he's a hypocrite for splitting her and Henry up

  • Kylie chan

    Kylie chan

    2018-08-22 1:29

    yusss run away to freedom!

  • anime girl

    anime girl

    2018-03-28 5:44

    this is what I do when I get mad 😂😅😅

  • WonderWoman 21888 (Darmstadt)

    WonderWoman 21888 (Darmstadt)

    2018-04-24 22:14

    well... I liked the spanking.

  • Snoblizzard123


    2018-05-07 6:3

    oh heavenly fugde😑😑

  • Chloe Taylor

    Chloe Taylor

    2018-08-22 1:15

    nice she ran away

  • Visitor 98848

    Visitor 98848

    2018-12-17 6:58

    I dont like that man

  • Dulce Martinez

    Dulce Martinez

    2018-03-05 4:6

    I tjink she's being a brat and he's being a self centered possessive jerk. I don't side with either one of them. just stating my opinion. Thank you for reading my comment

  • candywaffles000


    2018-03-07 22:58

    I’m sorry but I think she’s a spoiled little brat. Not even thinking about her responsibilities.neglecting everything. Running away is not going to solve anything. Hes just going to bring her back. Not giving the guy slack either he’s a dirt bag. But I really don’t like her spoiled attitude, as if her existence is important. She knows nothing of the company and what she wants to do with herself. All she does is whine and complain... do something about it. And almost an adult not everyone is going to hold her hand. The guy invthe company is a great opportunity.

    • Ren J: Her freedom has been taken away. Even her only friend who she had connection with was taken away, threatened to get rid ...

  • Rosella


    2018-04-19 10:10

    let's see what happens next!!

  • shouta 01820 (Phoenix)

    shouta 01820 (Phoenix)

    2018-05-21 23:48


  • 💕superbluemoon💕


    2018-06-17 17:27

    classic trick

  • Arachimage 73899 (Roanoke)

    Arachimage 73899 (Roanoke)

    2018-06-20 4:13

    go run girl go go i love u😁😁

  • Nalu's_fairyTail


    2018-06-20 8:16

    Yes !! Go Girl! leaves

  • npc 47127 (Mandaluyong+City)

    npc 47127 (Mandaluyong+City)

    2018-06-21 13:23

    she has the right to find some happiness of her own! if she wants to be free then so be it! don't meddle with her life

  • SeitoA 16943 (Birchwood)

    SeitoA 16943 (Birchwood)

    2018-07-02 18:31

    she ran away chase of him

  • Clover_ Melon

    Clover_ Melon

    2018-07-03 12:8

    YAS run my girl!!

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