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Demon's Sweetheart
Demon's Sweetheart

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Several years have passed and my parents were gone, it's he who, the man of no kinship with me, was appointed the only successor of my parents' company and real estate. Samson: Till the day she is 18 years old. I won't be her guardian any more. According to her father's will, all will be over. And I will become her legal husband.

94 Chapters

  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart


  • Irene Intencion

    Irene Intencion

    2018-03-24 13:44

    i think he doesnt want her to become business minded, he only wants her to be same proper lady she used to be back when she still had her parents...

    • SupermansLois: no, he wants her to be like the ladies centuries ago with their husbands that kept their mouths shut, eyes down and legs...

    • Noa Westerbeek: I think he only wants the company with a slap of pretty meat with it, but it is her heritage and she is more than just a...

    • 71 Replies
  • sensei 80591 (Universe)

    sensei 80591 (Universe)

    2018-03-25 6:54

    Bruh I feel sad for Samson. He was so patient with her and tried to keep her innocence. But look how that turned out to be

    • SeitoA 17418 (Ebene CyberCity): y’all are sick that agree with this

    • OhTaco: I don't understand how people can say its just a little sexual harassment. He is abusing her. I keep reading, in hopes t...

    • 92 Replies
  • Kaitlynn Lamghari

    Kaitlynn Lamghari

    2018-01-18 4:32

    that's when be noticed he f*cked up

    • Hailey Perry: You read i love yoo i just had to ask cause yo pic made me laugh so hard

    • Kaitlynn Lamghari: yup

    • 13 Replies
  • XShizukaXDemonX


    2018-02-20 3:29

    You touch her fathers grave and I kill you. You do not treat a woman like that you weirdo

    • Just An Anime Person: but did you see him touch her father's grave?... no, right?!

    • Qumichee: He's doing it for a reason though. No matter how crazy or messed up. She's just being stubborn. And it's not the first t...

    • 14 Replies
  • Trinity Walker

    Trinity Walker

    2018-02-19 4:51

    he has gone way too far

    • Visitor 32251: yep youre right

    • Aamina Sayeed: u r sooooo right!!

  • Idil Ahmed

    Idil Ahmed

    2018-02-21 2:16

    He didn't rob her you did and youll probably turn her into a psychopath

    • Xiaoxiaosan 47844 (West Palm Beach): what if she already is.. lol

    • #always late army: I wish I was her though.

    • 4 Replies
  • AtomBombBaby


    2018-02-21 23:4

    And this is where things start to get interesting...

    • suzana atangan: yup

    • Red Gibson: What the flip

  • suzana atangan

    suzana atangan

    2018-02-23 6:53

    Also, he thinks too traditionally about educating her on what and what not / what and what's not to be expected. I feel she has the right to act that way with the situation that she's in.

    • yama 79203 (Lyons): honestly the whole thing with "little girls shouldn't know things too young" is ignorant and dangerous. If i had known w...

    • ikemen 60332 (New+York): she is being a little brat,he gives her expensive things and she blames him 4 her parents deaths. no wonder she gets a ...

    • 3 Replies
  • DarkKnight 11271 (Universe)

    DarkKnight 11271 (Universe)

    2018-08-21 17:49

    excuse me sir back up

    • comic butterfly: yeah she should have her own personal space

    • manisha bharti: she should more tough... I think...

    • 3 Replies
  • Nakyera Jackson

    Nakyera Jackson

    2018-08-21 18:58

    the dad was like mf what are u doing if you don't stop I will come back for u

    • JUST MONIKA Forever❤: lol so true

    • Visitor 05843: XD

    • 3 Replies
  • Alessia


    2018-02-20 23:14

    what's the promise?

    • yama 66588 (Atlanta (Lenox Park)): yeah

    • Red Gibson: Yea whats is its

  • MCwonton


    2018-08-21 19:11

    i feel that lassie is a bit weak

    • SeitoA 16442 (Xi\'an): she has no self defense, that's for sure... I'm just glad that she still resents his actions, and isn't some regular sub...

  • suzana atangan

    suzana atangan

    2018-02-23 6:46

    And yet there's no regrets of doing that in front of her parents graves. Also, tired of waiting... only a couple of years. I think some people could wait longer than him. And need to somehow get more detail into this promise, father's will, and circumstances.

  • ikemen 62542 (Faisalabad)

    ikemen 62542 (Faisalabad)

    2018-04-30 4:7

    yes he treats her wrongly at times but when he is trying to be nice to her like give her a necklace she acts like a child and doesn't appreciate anything

  • loli 81646 (Highlands+Ranch)

    loli 81646 (Highlands+Ranch)

    2018-05-24 19:54

    he doesn't want her to have a brain. he wants her to follow every order he gives and comply to his every whim

  • meowchan 91351 (Patterson)

    meowchan 91351 (Patterson)

    2018-08-21 19:49

    That just wrong right next her fathers grave

  • Iymae Ruiz

    Iymae Ruiz

    2018-02-23 20:14

    now I want to know what he promised her father.

  • That's E D G Y AF

    That's E D G Y AF

    2018-02-25 19:55

    Death is plausible now! He was going to screw you in front of your father's grave. WTF?!

  • SpiritRanger 85888 (Quezon+City)

    SpiritRanger 85888 (Quezon+City)

    2018-03-05 2:17

    What happening to him? It's the hormones. He really can't control himself anymore. Too much temptation.

  • boss of owls21

    boss of owls21

    2018-03-07 19:58

    this psychopath

  • Alvera Ivy Alvera

    Alvera Ivy Alvera

    2018-03-08 13:28

    this is a perverted story!!

  • shouta 47602 (London)

    shouta 47602 (London)

    2018-03-17 8:59

    He was having a deep makeout in front of the girls dads grave😂😂 wtff

  • Akaya Ann Levinzer

    Akaya Ann Levinzer

    2018-05-14 3:3

    you expect a person to not change after they lose their family and is forced to live with a man who treats them as if they're an animal. bounding them with the words of proper lady, proper etiquettes when they have lost the one person who taught her the meaning of those very words. treating them however makes things convenient to you, that's the nature of a true monster. if she's just like an animal then an animal won't lose its loyalty to total stranger who is trying to take its home away. she has yet to mourn for her family and you dare make her lose its existence within. she is not a doll or your little puppet who you can play with. she calls her lover a plaything well what if she's taught to look at people that way by you yourself. blaming others for her losing her innocence while innocence is nothing but ignorance.

  • {LACIE}


    2018-03-05 5:49

    let this ship sink pls

  • Ruri Ilviea

    Ruri Ilviea

    2018-03-06 22:1

    I think he is in puberty

  • Kentsuki Katsuragi

    Kentsuki Katsuragi

    2018-03-09 17:57

    I wanna slap him!!

  • Delaney Anne

    Delaney Anne

    2018-03-10 1:0

    he must die !

  • Dejah Morrison

    Dejah Morrison

    2018-03-20 19:58


  • anime girl

    anime girl

    2018-03-28 6:17

    damn I forgot he was trying to hold it in but I still don't take bake that he is an awful person FOR NOW

  • ThatRandomGirl


    2018-05-02 13:22

    I feel like he is trying to break her, break her mind so she'll be more easily controlled and manipulated, i think he's trying to make into one of those olden day women, where they get married take care of your husband, be a good obedient stay at home wife, where her only goal in life is to please him. He's a sick bastard in my opinion 😐😐😡😬

    • Katy: yeah that's why I hope she'll break free someday

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