Demon's Sweetheart - Ch. 12 How About Reconsidering It?

Demon's Sweetheart
Demon's Sweetheart

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Several years have passed and my parents were gone, it's he who, the man of no kinship with me, was appointed the only successor of my parents' company and real estate. Samson: Till the day she is 18 years old. I won't be her guardian any more. According to her father's will, all will be over. And I will become her legal husband.

118 Chapters

  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart


  • Dulce Martinez

    Dulce Martinez

    2018-03-05 4:16

    I mean. He's telling the truth though. No one can carry the burden but her. She's blaming everything on him. But honestly him keeping her inside all the time is wrong. both of them are in the wrong here. there isn't a silver lining that I can see

    • ezerial blue: um he is the one to blame tho (idk bout the deaths n inheritance but way he treats her is wrong then he pretends to spou...

    • Yankumi Yan²: If I were the her father I would have done the same thing, I will not let my stubborn daughter take the business, I mean...

    • 115 Replies
  • XShizukaXDemonX


    2018-02-20 3:25

    Fucking murder him!😡🔪

    • jayparkwife: Yea stab him with the folk and knife 🍴

    • Myranda Kelley: I would have killed him a while ago

    • 117 Replies
  • to oop

    to oop

    2018-01-07 0:47

    AHHH its perfect I can't wait to read more

    • Wowsomeoneactually: ikr

    • Visitor 17714: yaaaaaas!

    • 10 Replies
  • suzana atangan

    suzana atangan

    2018-02-23 6:28

    He has some good advice in the end, but someone pay money to beat the cap out of him at least. He needs some common sensed knocked into him. His love torture went to a whole new level and it seems he's kind of manipulating her with whatever he provides or has people teach her. This is an extreme case of obsessed possession that I've ever seen. And he needs numerous amounts of help.

    • gwenemmerich2004: I so agree I don’t think this is a cute love story at this point this is something that if this was in real life u would...

    • 4 Flat huhu💮: i strongly agree with you

  • itsgeealien


    2018-03-03 15:33

    Omg like seriously am i the only one enjoying every single thing about this comic and doesn't want to beat samson up?

    • Akuma~: He's reasonable.....wh-what?! When has he ever been reasonable, it disturbs me on how you think sexually abusing a minor...

    • shouta 66627 (Greenville): I love Samson! lol I think he’s reasonable I ship them proudly! :3

    • 45 Replies
  • fitriani agustina p

    fitriani agustina p

    2018-02-25 7:43

    the main characters are just lacking common senses and morals. her brattiness is not endearing whatsoever (whine and run, repeat) and his thinkings and methods are a lean on psychopathic (threat, sexual harassment, Stockholm syndromes method?).

    • ezerial blue: yup samsons exactly what you said he is but she isnt just badly behaved/bratty..i mean after he treats her like an anima...

    • Emma Ren: it's the guys fault. the way he treats her made her this bratty but the girl is somewhat at fault too. act like a child ...

    • 7 Replies
  • Hēll Gïrl

    Hēll Gïrl

    2018-01-07 5:17

    can't wait for thé next chapter *o*

    • shouta 17039 (Quezon+City+(Santa+Teresita)): Me three

    • shouta 17039 (Quezon+City+(Santa+Teresita)): Wait are u a boy or is it the pic?

    • 5 Replies
  • Meme Shaw

    Meme Shaw

    2018-02-16 19:22

    this is crazy

    • shouta 17039 (Quezon+City+(Santa+Teresita)): CRAZY

    • shouta 17039 (Quezon+City+(Santa+Teresita)): And Lost

    • 3 Replies
  • ErLevi


    2018-02-27 5:18

    soooo pervvert and i more perv than him wkwk

    • Melody Clifton: what??? 😑😒

    • torachan 07872 (Kansas+City): nasty

    • 8 Replies
  • Alexandria Davenport

    Alexandria Davenport

    2018-08-21 19:10

    this is one of the most abusive relationships I've ever seen

    • Gabriela Mía Vélez: Well this relationship is abusive cause they dont love each other from the heart.

    • O.o.f.69.420.: Its actually not because he deeply cares for her.

    • 4 Replies
  • Jiyi Dino

    Jiyi Dino

    2018-03-06 6:10

    I Likeeeee

  • moechan 53023 (Newark)

    moechan 53023 (Newark)

    2018-08-21 22:45

    Stab him with the butter nife he will be fine

    • Visitor 59809: knife* sorry I had to fix that I can't handle spelling mistakes 😂😂😂

  • Cosmic Calico

    Cosmic Calico

    2018-05-02 13:27

    I don't get why people say that Lassie isn't that bratty when she actually is. She has one of the worst attitudes I have ever seen. Although Samson is also wrong, that doesn't mean that Lassie's right. They're both wrong but I just had to point out Lassie's bad attitude because I hate people with that attitude or maybe because I encounter a lot of people with the same attitude.

  • meowchan 93703 (Wallingford)

    meowchan 93703 (Wallingford)

    2018-08-10 22:30

    Samson is a Delusional Bastard Self Harted Pervert Teen Melester Bitch. I Want Him To Choke on his food and see Him DIEEEEEE

  • Jade Danaswamy Santiz

    Jade Danaswamy Santiz

    2018-03-08 19:44

    He’s crazy

  • torachan 48697 (Mandaluyong+City)

    torachan 48697 (Mandaluyong+City)

    2018-03-09 14:58

    ughhh i hate him so much! poor girl

  • anime girl

    anime girl

    2018-03-28 6:4


  • npc 47127 (Mandaluyong+City)

    npc 47127 (Mandaluyong+City)

    2018-06-21 13:34

    get the hell away from her! you lunatic!

  • cutie 52761 (Boston)

    cutie 52761 (Boston)

    2018-06-21 18:11

    its. sooo interesting. but so vial at the same time

  • SeitoA 16943 (Birchwood)

    SeitoA 16943 (Birchwood)

    2018-07-02 18:46

    he really is a pervert like if you agree

  • NekoChan 06000 (Buffalo)

    NekoChan 06000 (Buffalo)

    2018-08-21 18:12

    No frigging way!!!

  • Visitor 31837

    Visitor 31837

    2018-10-31 0:47

    ok I loveeeeeeee this comic does anyone else

  • Laughing_FoxPvP


    2018-12-03 4:15

    She’s so childish, I’m starting to hate her

  • puppy lover

    puppy lover

    2018-03-03 6:53

    I hate him where tf is the yaoi part

  • {LACIE}


    2018-03-05 5:44

    stab him with a bread knife so he dies in a slow painful way lol

  • Angelica Odal

    Angelica Odal

    2018-03-07 14:6

    pervert if i am Lessie i can kill him with the use of knife 🔪

  • Delaney Anne

    Delaney Anne

    2018-03-10 0:57

    let's go kill him who's with me ?!

  • Evelyn Lopez

    Evelyn Lopez

    2018-03-25 19:50

    this is like some twisted beauty and the beast shit

  • Alyssa Animations

    Alyssa Animations

    2018-05-06 21:15

    Samson:Remember Me if i was lassie: Remember my a** now get da fug off of me!!

  • loli 87500 (Evansville)

    loli 87500 (Evansville)

    2018-05-24 22:43


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