Demon's Sweetheart - Ch. 11

Demon's Sweetheart
Demon's Sweetheart

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Several years have passed and my parents were gone, it's he who, the man of no kinship with me, was appointed the only successor of my parents' company and real estate. Samson: Till the day she is 18 years old. I won't be her guardian any more. According to her father's will, all will be over. And I will become her legal husband.

118 Chapters

  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart
  • Demon's Sweetheart


  • Kingie Lor

    Kingie Lor

    2018-03-26 1:29

    she's so spoiled and shoves all the blame on someone without ever having a proper talk with him

    • Kaylen Weber: Comepletely disagree are you an idiot? She got sexually harassed, Demanded to stay in a house and live the way he wants,...

    • Ria or Anna: I disagree completely. She’s just being bold, for how he treats her, she doesn’t know how to react she was never taught ...

    • 301 Replies
  • suzana atangan

    suzana atangan

    2018-02-23 6:22

    Also, her underwear is womanly, but he dresses her almost like a little girl or doll. At least, give her some options in life.

    • shouta 99509 (Columbus+(East+Columbus)): Exactly, like he's being a little too nice to her. He's just being a pervert way too much.

    • Analicia Villarruel: ikr he could at least do that

    • 7 Replies
  • fitriani agustina p

    fitriani agustina p

    2018-02-25 7:33

    her royal brattiness and his pervert king, what a match! lol.

    • ezerial blue: hes not just a pervert but abusive,violent,sexual harasser,molestor all are crimes n punishable..and she isnt bratty any...

    • npc 68690 (San+Francisco): i want to beat tgis dude's ass so bad

    • 13 Replies
  • sugar senpai

    sugar senpai

    2018-02-22 17:38

    there was a weird format malfunction .😮

  • suzana atangan

    suzana atangan

    2018-02-23 6:21

    Okay, so everyone sees his good side. But, it's okay to treat her that way. And if something really happens to her, I wonder if they'd regret anything. I mean, Samson loves her in a twisted way, but still... And yeah, format malfunction....

    • Kingie Lor: I'm on your side too. plus he's actions haven't defined it as sexual harassment yet. defination of sexual harassment is ...

    • ezerial blue: yup you r right and its twisted but its abuse,sexual harassment which is why he disgusts me especially the abuser thinki...

    • 12 Replies
  • _Lamychi-


    2018-03-04 17:35

    I hate these type of childish and bratty protagonist, they piss me off in so many ways 😡😡😡

    • ezerial blue: shes not childish and bratty shes trying to rebel in her way coz nothing else is in her control...try being in her shoes...

    • Alice Nightmare: you shouldn’t blame her for being a brat the man raised her to be that way so she’s technically a child in a woman’s bod...

    • 7 Replies
  • {LACIE}


    2018-03-05 5:40

    ohhh mai gad I'm going to slap him lol

  • Jamie Squeri

    Jamie Squeri

    2018-02-18 22:25

    haha I'm the first comment ,Halloallougha!

    • SeitoA 16577 (Columbus): he's harassing her. she is not being a brat. she has some serious trauma. can u plz stop picking on her for trying to ga...

    • meowchan 96341 (San+Jose): halaluha

    • 5 Replies
  • ROBLOX Animations171

    ROBLOX Animations171

    2018-02-21 5:30

    great story so far

    • Neth Avelino-Camia: ROBLOX

    • Neth Avelino-Camia: Is that really you ROBLOX

    • 3 Replies
  • Sara G

    Sara G

    2018-08-21 18:7

    Srsly?! He goes into a girls bra and underwear?thats a perverts job and she comes naked in front of the maids?

    • SeitoA 16442 (Xi\'an): uhm, the maid is a woman, so it's perfectly fine if she comes out of the shower in front of her...

    • Chloe Taylor: ya atleast its not him or a nother guy

    • 3 Replies
  • O.o.f.69.420.


    2018-08-21 20:18

    He picks the cloths that will best suit her. It's actually kinda cute. He even had a beautiful dress tailored to her exact measurements

  • Lillian Mich

    Lillian Mich

    2018-03-03 19:8


  • J-chan


    2018-04-30 19:54

    he shouldn't treat her like that and give sone freedom but she needs to be not such a prick

  • cutie 50258 (Raleigh (North Hills))

    cutie 50258 (Raleigh (North Hills))

    2018-05-22 18:12

    I don’t understand. This Male lead is easily doing sexual assault

  • Destiney Ramos

    Destiney Ramos

    2018-06-14 13:1

    I admit he is trying to help her and he is also a pervert but you could be a bit more gentle

  • AngleOfChaos133 13

    AngleOfChaos133 13

    2018-07-10 22:33

    Wtf is happening

  • Jesania Jackson

    Jesania Jackson

    2018-11-26 0:40

    no guys I thinks she is a brat bcc he just wants her to love him and I bet she does she is just being a brat she is a bad mouthed brat and you should not juge a book buy its cover I mean maybe he 8s mean now but wait until the end he might even become sweet and grate same goes for me I think she is a brat now but ifmi ease in the story until the end then maybe I will change my mind about her so,long lesson short wait until you know them and I mean really know them until you juge them

  • xxEsma xx

    xxEsma xx

    2018-05-02 13:51

    this kid is so spoiled she is never grateful

  • npc 08133 (Ottawa)

    npc 08133 (Ottawa)

    2018-05-18 3:59

    I HATE both of the main characters. They both have HORRIBLE personalities, the girl is a spoiled brat and the guy is a pervert

  • Yang Sammie

    Yang Sammie

    2018-05-19 3:59

    Gosh she let the girl saw her body naked??? Weird

  • Daniel Kim

    Daniel Kim

    2018-06-11 19:16

    and that children, is how 50 shades of yellow was made. Now available in great leader avenue in communist alley

  • AJ C. Glaraga

    AJ C. Glaraga

    2018-06-14 22:34

    Spoiled Brat!

  • npc 03272 (Clarksville)

    npc 03272 (Clarksville)

    2018-06-18 4:41

    its like he is trying to act like her dad 😞 he is just trying his best, I think he is a good guy

  • WonderWoman 24124 (Guntramsdorf)

    WonderWoman 24124 (Guntramsdorf)

    2018-06-21 3:49

    just tell her ass! Why doesn't she tell ANYONE she's been sexually assualted!



    2018-06-25 2:59

    she's A real BRAT DDUUHHH + the Bitch boy right her is a TOTAL MATCH 💯💯💯💯💯💯😂

  • ikemen 68023 (Columbus+(East+Columbus))

    ikemen 68023 (Columbus+(East+Columbus))

    2018-07-02 12:34

    That underwear set tho, its beautiful

  • loli 87649 (New+York)

    loli 87649 (New+York)

    2018-07-22 7:58

    why she show her boobs?

  • shouta 54365 (Prague+(Praha))

    shouta 54365 (Prague+(Praha))

    2018-08-10 16:58

    *Samson knocking on the door*. *me opens door See's Samson* *slams door closed* I'MMA SaVaGe😎😎😎😎😏



    2018-08-22 0:26

    pervert i swear hes cute but he looks like he def wanna smash her

    • Chloe Taylor: duh

  • Visitor 93595

    Visitor 93595

    2018-09-08 13:37

    the man is such a pervert he is so nasty!!!!

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