The Brilliant Village Doctor - Ch. 15 Golden Turtle

The Brilliant Village Doctor
The Brilliant Village Doctor

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Here enters Lin Hao, an obscure young man of firmness and bravery, who possesses unparalleled medical technology. One day he is wandering on the street when he suddenly spots Nuolan's sexy legs, then immediately decides to apply for her father clinic and becomes a doctor there. Pure gold will glitter forever. His talent shows up day by day from this demote village to cities far away, drawing lots of patients to come for help, including some famous ones. Life of this little clinic gets more and more interesting.

437 Chapters

  • The Brilliant Village Doctor
  • The Brilliant Village Doctor
  • The Brilliant Village Doctor
  • The Brilliant Village Doctor
  • The Brilliant Village Doctor
  • The Brilliant Village Doctor
  • The Brilliant Village Doctor
  • The Brilliant Village Doctor
  • The Brilliant Village Doctor
  • The Brilliant Village Doctor


  • Shakira Miles

    Shakira Miles

    2018-02-07 23:12

    that girl is FUCKIN CRAZY

    • Silver Leviathan: It's called antivenom which is made from VENOMOUS SNAKES NOT POISONOUS SNAKES GET IT RIGHT!!! sorry but that always gets...

    • Skye O'Neill: in many places snakes are used medicinally. not just the venom but almost every part of the snake is able to be used for...

    • 38 Replies
  • Breionna Joseph

    Breionna Joseph

    2018-02-09 21:34


    • Nick Jones: hey that aint cheap you have to work for your medic stuff way more cus you also have to mix it right and if you mix it w...

    • Visitor 80015: You’d be that cheap too if you were 47k in debt!

    • 11 Replies
  • Reeve 65729 (Cicero)

    Reeve 65729 (Cicero)

    2018-03-03 2:7

    lol turtle has a smug face as the snake got clobbered. as if to say "heh... serves you right"

    • Just Some One Who Likes Stuffs: lol bro I didn't realize that one

  • Seraphina_Emerald99


    2018-03-05 9:47

    Wait we all fail to see the real asshole is the turtle. He was biting the snake.

    • meowchan 96592 (Arlington+(Central+Arlington)): you are right lmao

    • Orca Lord: turtles do actually fight with snakes, if they have to

    • 11 Replies
  • Sierra


    2018-03-06 6:12

    "the turtle turned green already" Bitch da fuk

    • Swordsman 97508 (Secundrabad): the turtle is green always right?

    • Swordsman 95274 (Kuala+Lumpur+(Kuala+Lumpur+City+Centre)): omg... you guys need to get out of house sometimes....and learn something new

    • 6 Replies
  • #cousinz forever

    #cousinz forever

    2018-02-19 22:13

    that was hilarious I'm rolling on the floor

    • Visitor 51848: Me too bruh

  • Yunox.x


    2018-02-21 0:27

    The turtle 😢

  • Jean Cuizon

    Jean Cuizon

    2018-03-05 13:7

    turtle? it should be dead already how come its in a mountain? turtles live in water or near watet. maybe it's a tortoise. 😲

    • Orca Lord: not all turtles have to be near water, we have land turtles, and we also have desert turtles, I had one. also there was ...

    • Jeilyn Hernandez: not all turtles go in the water only sea turtles

    • 4 Replies
  • Arachimage 70227 (New+York)

    Arachimage 70227 (New+York)

    2018-03-07 22:6

    YO WHAT THE FUCK I'd fainted by then

    • Midnight Witch: lmao same 😂

  • Aliza Zee

    Aliza Zee

    2018-06-07 21:17

    Frst she was afraid tht she steped on the snake now she's holding it in her hands😓😓 what!!!

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