The Brilliant Village Doctor - Ch. 12 Smell

The Brilliant Village Doctor
The Brilliant Village Doctor

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Here enters Lin Hao, an obscure young man of firmness and bravery, who possesses unparalleled medical technology. One day he is wandering on the street when he suddenly spots Nuolan's sexy legs, then immediately decides to apply for her father clinic and becomes a doctor there. Pure gold will glitter forever. His talent shows up day by day from this demote village to cities far away, drawing lots of patients to come for help, including some famous ones. Life of this little clinic gets more and more interesting.

437 Chapters

  • The Brilliant Village Doctor
  • The Brilliant Village Doctor
  • The Brilliant Village Doctor
  • The Brilliant Village Doctor
  • The Brilliant Village Doctor
  • The Brilliant Village Doctor
  • The Brilliant Village Doctor
  • The Brilliant Village Doctor
  • The Brilliant Village Doctor
  • The Brilliant Village Doctor


  • Mikaela Forrester

    Mikaela Forrester

    2018-02-16 0:35

    How do u expect him not perve on u when your underwear is showing?

    • Lady Sayuri: Well considering todays modern era its not that surprising. yes people has the right to dress whatever they want and peo...

    • Nick Jones: to be honest how do you think hes not going to perve on her when she looks more like a striper then a nurs

    • 20 Replies
  • Rose Ellen

    Rose Ellen

    2018-04-15 0:40

    how does sticking a needle in your armpit take away the smell?!

    • Ikare: the needle and arm pit thing is explained in the comic. it is common for renal and liver diseases to release odors out o...

    • Kaiden Carey: i need to know this trick, and where in my armpit to stick the needle

    • 24 Replies
  • Arachimage 70227 (New+York)

    Arachimage 70227 (New+York)

    2018-03-07 21:56

    Mikaela Forrester ikr

    • Visitor 38602: hi

  • Everything Everything

    Everything Everything

    2018-04-13 0:26

    the smell! it's killing

    • Midnight Witch: run for your life 😨 😨 👚. ----. 👹 👖. -----. 👢.

    • SpiritRanger 85603 (Manila): no way... how did u smell it??

    • 3 Replies
  • 😊Quicksilver😻Girl🙃


    2018-04-29 4:34

    lol, I just died of laughter when he raised his arms

    • Phoenix7593: I love you?

    • 🙃Cupid😻Start love not war💘: totally dude

    • 5 Replies
  • chatheldy


    2018-05-08 4:20

    I want to know what kind of needle did he used? someone please tell,I'll give to my friends who doesn't know how to used deorant😁😁😁

    • THEAAA: The needle was bait for him to wash his nasty armpits

    • Angel_Dancer: Hahahhahaha😂😂😂😂🎂

  • Moki T

    Moki T

    2018-03-09 6:0


  • Cirene Sharkrank

    Cirene Sharkrank

    2018-03-30 1:12

    hahaha lmao

  • Miles Miles Miles

    Miles Miles Miles

    2018-05-08 5:2

    How come just sticking a needle in his smelly amrpit.....??? can take a smelly smell from your armpit....??

  • Noorie Lovett

    Noorie Lovett

    2018-06-16 17:59

    she doesn't want him to perve her but she continued to wear very short dresses. how does she not get that!?

    • Visitor 38602: hi

    • Noorie Lovett: hello......

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