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Love Like Cherry Blossoms
Love Like Cherry Blossoms

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He knows her secret. She knows his secret too. He is the coolest guy in school. She is the curve wrecker of class. They make a deal in exchange to keep each other's secret. They should be strangers after that promise. But he offers to help her confess to her crush at the same time. Is that true? Is he just teasing her? Or...?

97 Chapters

  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms


  • Dragoon 20184 (Universe)

    Dragoon 20184 (Universe)

    2017-12-13 10:22

    oOooOOoOH NOOooOOOo

    • ezerial blue: i wish hes lying/joking or just messing with her head other wise its just sad...also lu lu its off topic when u r so sad...

    • Visitor 36509: I kinda ship her with the "bad boy" myself so it isn't all bad 😅

    • 101 Replies
  • Trinity Walker

    Trinity Walker

    2018-02-21 2:5

    daaaaaaammmmmnnnn!!!!! I feel so sad

    • Lucy Heartfellia: my fav ship is Erza and jella

    • Lucy Heartfellia: OMG u watch Fairytail its my fav anime

    • 74 Replies
  • Gelin Tabora

    Gelin Tabora

    2018-02-17 17:27

    I feel bad for her because I have liked a guy for three years then one day and 6 grade all of a sudden he told me he had a girlfriend I have no idea why he told me that because nobody knew I liked him and I figured out that they broke up when I already had moved to another school that’s why I hope next year when I go to Grandview high-school so that I can meets I’m again to see if I like him as much as the first time I met him. Sorry I gust wanted to say how similar I think my story is to hers well A little bit

    • npc 58734 (Mandaluyong+City): ohhhhhh........... shitzz i liked him for 8 years but he still rejected me because I'm ugly bla bla bla LIKE WTF?! WHY ...

    • yama 54522 (Petaling+Jaya): lol me too I have a crush on this guy for 6 years , and my friend tell him that I love him . after my friend told him, h...

    • 66 Replies
  • Britney Pierre louis

    Britney Pierre louis

    2018-02-27 21:49

    Who cares about him I only want xia yi he's so hot

    • Visitor 52197: yeah! My photo gallery is full of Xia Yi and Lin Lu and I have read this comic a thousand times

    • Red Roses: Me too

    • 18 Replies
  • pink-kiss


    2018-02-25 7:59

    "3 years and I never told him a thing..and this is how it end"-yeesh IKR

  • iyana rashid

    iyana rashid

    2018-02-24 3:15


    • Red Roses: yep

  • meowchan 98005 (Coalton)

    meowchan 98005 (Coalton)

    2018-02-26 2:29

    Ohhh shit is really about to go down know

    • NekoChan 07373 (Vienna+(Gemeindebezirk+Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus)): i like your profile picture of the boy dat turned to a cat and is about to falling in love with a dude, im reading dat c...

    • Family Welke: It’s really goin down for real

  • Fika Efriantik

    Fika Efriantik

    2018-02-14 9:14

    bahasa indonesia

    • Cypherlicous: that's rude don't say that meat head she's pretty your stupid

    • Visitor 42637: boleh aja dong asik

    • 8 Replies
  • vanessa alvorado

    vanessa alvorado

    2018-08-22 1:20


  • Angeline Joyce Bugal

    Angeline Joyce Bugal

    2018-03-03 14:10


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