Love Like Cherry Blossoms - Ch. 15 Truth I

Love Like Cherry Blossoms
Love Like Cherry Blossoms

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He knows her secret. She knows his secret too. He is the coolest guy in school. She is the curve wrecker of class. They make a deal in exchange to keep each other's secret. They should be strangers after that promise. But he offers to help her confess to her crush at the same time. Is that true? Is he just teasing her? Or...?

97 Chapters

  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms


  • sugar senpai

    sugar senpai

    2018-02-14 8:24

    need more. *gasps for breath* please.

    • sensei 11970 (Berlin): Thats what she said! *wink* *wink*

    • Mica2130: that's what she said.. *wink* *wink* 😜

    • 50 Replies
  • BlueDinosaur_ Gaming.Plays

    BlueDinosaur_ Gaming.Plays

    2018-02-10 4:56

    *cries inside* nooooo

    • I love this app: guys she ends up with xia yi they are damn cute literally my goals

    • I love this app: btw the celebrity is not his gf hint hint

    • 6 Replies
  • NotYourOrdinaryGamer 1717

    NotYourOrdinaryGamer 1717

    2018-02-13 17:45

    When is the next chapter I really enjoyed this.

    • Kaitlyn Stuart: oh Christmas it's early it brought me a punching bag I though I died of laugher 😂😂😂😂😂

    • mangafreak : Train hard Xia Yi... your personal punching bag

    • 4 Replies
  • Xiaoxiaosan 45699 (Ontario)

    Xiaoxiaosan 45699 (Ontario)

    2018-02-16 23:11


    • Mark Achiles Flores Jr.: That's what she said 😂😂😂 sorry just wanted to day the meme.

    • Visitor 37106: Lol there so cute together thoooo

  • Kyorkai


    2018-08-22 2:8

    I love their conversations. Xia Yi: Looks like Christmas came early and brought me a punching bag. Lin Lu: Train hard, Xia Yi. I WANT THEIR RELATIONSHIP!

    • Shiro-Chan~♡: We all want their relationship 😆

    • Bubbles of PPGZ: I am still laughing on that So funny and I really want to know who will be with lu lu?😐 please it should be Xia Yi😢😢�...

    • 6 Replies
  • Valerie Salinas

    Valerie Salinas

    2018-02-19 1:2

    I want to take a pic of their faces but it won't let mee😭

    • WonderWoman 20471 (Bengaluru): U can take pic of their faces by clicking on screenshot icon right😑?? And i also tried this so now i m having so many p...

    • Lalgi Sahu: i also take her picture but i not want

    • 11 Replies
  • Ercilia Martinez

    Ercilia Martinez

    2018-02-18 22:52

    iam dying 💀

  • WonderWoman 27098 (Atlanta (Lenox Park))

    WonderWoman 27098 (Atlanta (Lenox Park))

    2018-02-14 18:39


  • Isabel Hernandez

    Isabel Hernandez

    2018-02-18 6:54

    when do they update?

    • HELLO: Wednesday

  • Nivea Marie Garcia-McCray

    Nivea Marie Garcia-McCray

    2018-02-15 12:22

    I just put my email in here for this but now I’m just like not favorite it so

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