The Dream Guy of My Past - Prologue

The Dream Guy of My Past
The Dream Guy of My Past

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So lucky that I could get this chance to stay so close by your side even if you hate "me" so much. I love you since the day I fell in love with you at first sight in high school and will love still for years to come even if you totally forget me. I feel so desperate that you get me wrong even if I know it will definitely happen. I thought there wouldn't be more than one year between us but what you say to me is...

96 Chapters

  • The Dream Guy of My Past
  • The Dream Guy of My Past
  • The Dream Guy of My Past
  • The Dream Guy of My Past
  • The Dream Guy of My Past
  • The Dream Guy of My Past
  • The Dream Guy of My Past
  • The Dream Guy of My Past
  • The Dream Guy of My Past
  • The Dream Guy of My Past
  • The Dream Guy of My Past
  • The Dream Guy of My Past
  • The Dream Guy of My Past
  • The Dream Guy of My Past
  • The Dream Guy of My Past
  • The Dream Guy of My Past


  • cutie 55273 (Bogor)

    cutie 55273 (Bogor)

    2018-02-17 20:29

    I need language indonesia

    • Zen Nyozeka: maybe you need to try another app? becos i prefer it to be just have english

    • Dialovers FanGurl: belajar bahasa inggris karena aplikasi ini terbuka untuk semua negara UNDERSTOOD?

    • 69 Replies
  • Xiaoxiaosan 42978 (Kuala Lumpur)

    Xiaoxiaosan 42978 (Kuala Lumpur)

    2018-02-18 12:53

    terjamin ke Indonesia dong

    • Dragoon 24199 (Columbus+(East+Columbus)): yo

    • wolf hunter: hi yo what up

    • 8 Replies
  • moechan 53989 (Arvada)

    moechan 53989 (Arvada)

    2018-02-14 5:19

    I love it! great art

    • Xiaoxiaosan 42467 (Central Jakarta): cara bahasa indonesianya gimana?

    • WonderWoman 21852 (Central Jakarta): hei

    • 6 Replies
  • NekoChan 01375 (Central Jakarta)

    NekoChan 01375 (Central Jakarta)

    2018-02-17 6:8

    Bhs indonesia

  • Elisa Oktaviani

    Elisa Oktaviani

    2018-02-18 1:24

    Which Indonesian language does not exist anyway

  • Anandaputri Kikiananda

    Anandaputri Kikiananda

    2018-02-16 14:27


  • Itha Cantika

    Itha Cantika

    2018-02-18 14:3

    Bahasa indonesia

    • WonderWoman 29907 (Jakarta): mhw

    • WonderWoman 29907 (Jakarta): rgeyefwv tuehavfshs the

    • 10 Replies
  • Victoria Hoang

    Victoria Hoang

    2018-03-15 1:10

    This is a app all over the world. Learn how to read english

    • Wow listic: it still would be nice if Web comics or whatever this app is did what Webtoons did and allow people to translate the com...

    • Natsu Dragneel: But it’s not hard to learn that much since many use it and it’s taught in almost everywhere in the world even if it’s on...

    • 3 Replies
  • Naura Talitha

    Naura Talitha

    2018-02-19 7:29

    ya gak bahasa indonesia gk seru

    • Rizu: cara terjemahinnya buka kamus aja ;)

    • Ester Liau: cara ke bahasa indonesia gimana ya?

    • 13 Replies
  • Gerby Lopita

    Gerby Lopita

    2018-03-03 12:31

    you guys need study english..

    • Wow listic: learning English is the hardest language to learn and can take months to a couple years to fully learn. it's not fair to...

  • NikoNiko 32596 (Central Jakarta)

    NikoNiko 32596 (Central Jakarta)

    2018-03-01 10:13

    rofl why is everyone keep asking for the indonesian version pf

    • This is Cutie Ringo Joy: Seems there are a lot Indonesians more than I thought lol I don’t know Indonesia but been to a few times

  • Pitri Raharjo

    Pitri Raharjo

    2018-02-15 3:22


    • Dorian the baby123: i love your profile picture

    • SehRish BaLoch: hy

    • 4 Replies
  • torachan 40638 (Quezon+City+(Santa+Teresita))

    torachan 40638 (Quezon+City+(Santa+Teresita))

    2018-06-28 14:27

    Wow what a nice story! 🙂 But why is some people saying something like this: "I need language indonesia".... that's my question.

  • Amelia Elsa

    Amelia Elsa

    2018-02-22 13:30

    Klo Di Bahasa Indonesiain Pasti Seru:)

  • Matul Sulaiman

    Matul Sulaiman

    2018-02-27 8:32

    Looks interesting. Thank you so much for the English 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Felicia Fuater

    Felicia Fuater

    2018-02-19 11:31

    btw i wanna ask , he bites her , is he a vampire ?

    • cutie 53431 (Bandung): i wonder about that too

  • ikemen 65740 (Central Jakarta)

    ikemen 65740 (Central Jakarta)

    2018-02-20 15:23

    terjemahkan juga ke bahasa indonesia supaya lebih enak baca nya..

    • torachan 34504 (Kuching): nak bohong apa! bahasa inggeris kan lagi bagus

  • npc 10639 (Central Jakarta)

    npc 10639 (Central Jakarta)

    2018-02-18 4:38


  • Xiaoxiaosan 40425 (Central Jakarta)

    Xiaoxiaosan 40425 (Central Jakarta)

    2018-02-18 11:4

    tidak ada yang menggunakan Bahasa Indonesia kah?

  • loli 82763 (Nusajaya)

    loli 82763 (Nusajaya)

    2018-02-20 1:37

    ini komiknya gk ada pengaturan bahasa indonesia ya??

    • Fumitake Laila: udah ku cari tapi gk ada

    • Xiaoxiaosan 47138 (Kuningan Barat (Gedung Cyber)): iya udah dicari ga ada bagi yang tahu nanti kasih tahu ya

    • 3 Replies
  • Fina Twins

    Fina Twins

    2018-02-20 7:39

    ubah ke bahasa indonesia kya apa. .

    • Visitor 42583: what I don't understand what are you talking about

  • NikoNiko 39691 (Kuala Lumpur)

    NikoNiko 39691 (Kuala Lumpur)

    2018-02-20 23:48

    indonesia nya mana?? ga rame

  • Gamygyn 37080 (Central Jakarta)

    Gamygyn 37080 (Central Jakarta)

    2018-02-23 11:50

    pengaturan bahasanya nggak ada yaaa...???

  • SeitoA 10679 (Manado)

    SeitoA 10679 (Manado)

    2018-02-24 5:23

    terjemahin ke bahasa indonesia dong😔

    • Visitor 57119: hi how are you 😶😶

    • Visitor 57119: whatever are you from 😙😙

    • 3 Replies
  • Fumitake Laila

    Fumitake Laila

    2018-02-27 0:43

    i need language indonesia :(

  • SeitoA 10794 (Jakarta)

    SeitoA 10794 (Jakarta)

    2018-02-27 4:27

    Indonesia dong...

  • Nona Agatha

    Nona Agatha

    2018-02-28 3:43

    please translate in indonesia language

  • Nona Agatha

    Nona Agatha

    2018-02-28 3:44

    translate indonesia

  • Xiaoxiaosan 48238 (Kuala+Lumpur)

    Xiaoxiaosan 48238 (Kuala+Lumpur)

    2018-03-02 11:49

    bahasa indonesia

    • cutie 58881 (Davao+City): sex

  • SeitoA 12137 (Central+Jakarta)

    SeitoA 12137 (Central+Jakarta)

    2018-03-02 13:32

    Bahasa indonesia

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