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Romance The Ex
The Ex The Ex
The Ex

Author: SASAXIADI+Jimsly+Kuaikan Comics

  • A mysterious phone call from the future helped her counterattack in love?!
  • A guideline that will help you get to know more about the psychology of love.

Love, is a war. Bloodless, but leaves you in scars. An ugly girl who was cheated by her ex received a mysterious phone call. Strangely, the other line said that she is 35 years old, and that she is her, from the future! In order to change her, she wants to teach her the guideline of love. For her to see the beauty in her, take revenge on her ex, and recapture everything she lost before.



  • 🌼💙🐰


    2021-09-08 05:57:26 From Ch. 102

    they've discussed it in the prev chapter...


  • ɪᴠʏ


    2021-09-05 19:06:14 From Ch. 97

    misunderstanding 😗fufufu


  • Riya Riya

    Riya Riya

    2021-09-02 15:05:39 From Ch. 94

    I thought so but maybe not


  • Jena12345


    2021-08-31 11:37:57 From Ch. 94

    It’s an interesting and valid way of thinking but it’s too idealistic so I Personally don’t agree on this however it’s true men and women do mature differently as they’re exposed to society in different ways but it’s always about the person not much about the gender,also it differs from person to another about what their life goals are as it’s unfair to have women only party and work till they get married then become full time moms with no career or life aspirations and the same goes for men it’s unfair to have them work their youth just to accumulate wealth for their future wife and the point About not dating seriously doesn’t seem a great idea to me as there should be work life balance and a healthy serious relationship could take place even when individuals are focusing on their personal life goals


  • Leanna Britt

    Leanna Britt

    2021-08-30 16:33:54 From Ch. 94

    but again, maybe thats just the people im personally exposed to. and statistics are usually based off a larger audience with more diverse backgrounds.


  • Leanna Britt

    Leanna Britt

    2021-08-30 16:32:48 From Ch. 94

    maybe its just where i live, but women here tend to live it up, but stop around 25 and focus on their careers so they can better themselves. men are usually different depending on their persons. its literally a flip of a coin with men. with women ive noticed that pattern though.


  • Shopgirl71


    2021-08-25 00:38:19 From Ch. 103

    Lisa isn't bad, but she is disrespectful towards the relationship. Saying that she didn't need to discuss moving her mother in because she bought the apartment is a major flag. She lives there with him, it's their shared life but she blew off how he might feel about a major change.


  • 💜Carina💜


    2021-08-24 16:10:54 From Ch. 103

    Yup, I don’t really think Lisa is that bad.. it’s just a lot of differences ... it’s hard to say if they will work it out but if they do, they will make very good couple imo ... I feel like they do have it in themselves to fight for each other


  • Riya Riya

    Riya Riya

    2021-08-16 10:13:15 From Ch. 40

    but guys we have 2 fl now so another one is end up with Blondie guy what you guys think 💞


  • 💜Carina💜


    2021-08-12 08:26:07 From Ch. 98

    I thought she did the right thing too cus I woulda done the same ... like they sorta tried to scam her in my opinion... they made her believe that the apartment was hers and that they were gonna sign and she didn’t explore other options kinda like cornering her into accepting but I guess her decision is too impulsive in the eyes of others which I understand but I would still not let the lady have her way ... like hëll nah ... I’d rather spend my bread 💰 somewhere else


  • Aka Alita

    Aka Alita

    2021-08-10 20:48:27 From Ch. 83

    where is the continuation of this?


  • Aika Nacor

    Aika Nacor

    2021-08-10 05:10:27 From Season 2 Prologue

    I think the real male lead is the blondie dentist because as you guys can see on the prologue Martin would be having a new girl and when the fl ask martin for them both to get married he rejected/ask her a reason why they should get married


  • Kurique Sharesias (A

    Kurique Sharesias (A

    2021-08-02 17:51:11 From Ch. 84

    okay turn off I understand but cheating isn't an excuse .....uk COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY


  • sabiha chogle

    sabiha chogle

    2021-08-01 09:18:13 From Ch. 96

    I totally agree with your comment


  • Jiu tao

    Jiu tao

    2021-07-30 17:40:20 From Ch. 78

    so sab for them all


  • Visitor 56961

    Visitor 56961

    2021-07-30 15:23:52 From Ch. 2

    ohww new character 😍😍😍I think they may start newly 😁


  • Xia Ling

    Xia Ling

    2021-07-29 02:16:07 From Ch. 25

    lol it's was like my friend and me we play game together but I don't know that it was him




    2021-07-28 04:29:31 From Ch. 91

    7 years younger guy is like a cat


  • Cari💜🐾


    2021-07-26 14:17:14 From Ch. 73

    Lol it’s not that simple ... how can a child leave their parent? .. remember, it starts from very young and those bonds are hard to break ... its hard for mommas boys to change ...


  • Kary Kendrel

    Kary Kendrel

    2021-07-26 06:09:43 From Ch. 73

    both, if your parents do that then you leave, plain and simple🤷



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