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Boys' Love Something Like Summer
Something Like Summer Something Like Summer
Something Like Summer

Author: Jay Bell

64.7k READ NOW
  • Jay Bell's bestselling novels, the Something Like... series, are retold in vivid color, the story now accompanied by Cassy Fallon's evocative art.
  • This adaptation is the perfect starting point for newcomers, while those familiar with the books and movie will discover fresh twists and turns.
  • Experience a love story like no other in this emotional and yet uplifting comic!

The hot Texas nights were lonely for Ben before his heart began beating to the rhythm of two words; Tim Wyman. By all appearances, Tim had the perfect body and ideal life, but when a not-so-accidental collision brings them together, Ben discovers that the truth is rarely so simple. If winning Tim's heart was an impossible quest, keeping it would prove even harder as family, society, and emotion threaten to tear them apart.


  • Visitor 21723

    Visitor 21723

    2020-02-12 06:47:26 From Ch. 1

    Why don’t you try to see the movie


  • Visitor 21723

    Visitor 21723

    2020-02-12 06:46:33 From Ch. 1

    Make it fast please


  • Visitor 52018

    Visitor 52018

    2020-02-12 00:38:17 From Ch. 1

    We can also pay them a visit and talk in our way.


  • °x~AngieAnimeLover~°


    2020-02-11 16:47:08 From Ch. 1

    I love the artstyle, the bullies are generic but I like it so far.


  • Max_M.ro


    2020-02-11 07:03:13 From Ch. 1

    yup I already have a feeling as to who I'm going to hate or at least have a grudge on 😠


  • Cake chan

    Cake chan

    2020-02-10 19:18:17 From Ch. 0 Prologue

    This is looking sooo interesting


  • Visitor 40792

    Visitor 40792

    2020-02-10 01:11:50 From

    ive already watch the movie version of this.


  • PrincessSniper


    2020-02-09 13:36:11 From Ch. 1

    Get the wooden stakes -sighhhh- 😂


  • Visitor 53629

    Visitor 53629

    2020-02-09 13:06:45 From Ch. 1

    i guess kinda but i kinda like this way it made me think its way far to be real


  • Green Bean

    Green Bean

    2020-02-09 00:39:02 From

    I've read all the books years before including this one and I still can't get over the feelings and life-changing ideas I got from this. Now a comic has been made and I'm still not ready to embark on this one again. Oh well, I'll still read it soon, whatever.


  • maan bloem.14

    maan bloem.14

    2020-02-08 22:21:06 From Ch. 1

    Same here, and don't worry bout those assholes i told karma to pay them a visit 😉🐱❤


  • hell yeah boi

    hell yeah boi

    2020-02-08 21:05:59 From Ch. 1

    Boy you should've called me I don't take karate for nothing


  • Destalyn Locke

    Destalyn Locke

    2020-02-08 18:52:12 From Ch. 1

    That guy is annoyingly hot.


  • Chinny Chinny

    Chinny Chinny

    2020-02-08 17:55:10 From Ch. 0 Prologue

    something like summer movie is one of my favourite I have watched it so many times but i won't get bored and now i can read it in webcomics I'm looking forward to see how they will show the story in comic really excited 😃


  • k•a•w•w•a•i


    2020-02-08 17:13:01 From Ch. 1

    this is too good i cant stop reading sksksk


  • Visitor 72606

    Visitor 72606

    2020-02-08 17:01:42 From Ch. 1

    they're rats in human flesh


  • Visitor 32748

    Visitor 32748

    2020-02-08 13:27:03 From Ch. 0 Prologue

    I so luv the graphics 😍


  • Jon Tong

    Jon Tong

    2020-02-08 13:20:49 From Ch. 1

    yeah me too and the bullies they'll get what coming too them #sneakyfingers


  • I like bl hos

    I like bl hos

    2020-02-08 12:35:05 From Ch. 0 Prologue

    So this is killing stalking 2 right


  • BL stories

    BL stories

    2020-02-08 12:33:53 From Ch. 1

    Same though.



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