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Drama Vengeance of the Doctress
Vengeance of the Doctress Vengeance of the Doctress
Vengeance of the Doctress

Author: HangMan (Manyu)

  • Clever, naughty, tough and skilled doctoress, is about to fight for herself and her lover and create a big impression at palace.

Previous life, she was a pawn controlled by others. When the information was leaked, she was tortured to death. This life, she was reborn as the daughter of Vice Prime Minister in Dongwen. She vowed that she would never become anyone's toy again.



  • 💎diamond ₩¤{£💎

    💎diamond ₩¤{£💎

    2021-01-14 16:37:17 From Ch. 115

    but guys I like purple!! please change it to a puke green cuz that's what I wanna do when i see her


  • isekaidelivery


    2021-01-14 11:06:29 From Ch. 95



  • kaio98


    2021-01-13 06:46:41 From Ch. 146

    Who is the second male lead?


  • krati_katara


    2021-01-12 20:56:13 From Ch. 74

    im crying so bad😭😭😢😢😢


  • 💎diamond ₩¤{£💎

    💎diamond ₩¤{£💎

    2021-01-11 20:01:05 From Ch. 92

    laughing gas is good, she will have more fun laughing at him hehehe


  • 💎diamond ₩¤{£💎

    💎diamond ₩¤{£💎

    2021-01-11 19:10:36 From Ch. 80

    I am angry too, he risked her life and his by letting her get hurt like that but you should also look at it from his perspective,


  • 💎diamond ₩¤{£💎

    💎diamond ₩¤{£💎

    2021-01-11 06:21:24 From Ch. 72

    its funny how he says soft hearted when she literally hurt herself for him, hes acting like shes the one to blame when he didnt even try to investigate he simply let it be "I wont be soft hearted this time" I hope she wont be soft hearted ever again


  • TroublesomeTrio원피스


    2021-01-10 19:08:23 From Ch. 146

    Please call me back to this story when everything is ok cause I think there’s gonna be 100+ more chapters of misunderstandings or something


  • Deepmala Bhagat

    Deepmala Bhagat

    2021-01-09 06:52:44 From Ch. 146

    please put some upsrees...For a long time there is no uosrees


  • Melo Meow

    Melo Meow

    2021-01-08 22:59:58 From Ch. 146

    Its still a long way to go for them to move into another level in their relationship...i must say ml are not totally as***le, he just using stupid method to train fl into someone worth being his wife...yup...he just another brainless fool in romances 😁😁🤣


  • jungkookismybae


    2021-01-08 18:22:50 From Ch. 145

    whoops sorry if i was mean🙇 but idt you should express her as a kid... shes an adult with a brain and she knows if she stays with ml she could end up dying so its best to get away from him...


  • Bts Army💜💜

    Bts Army💜💜

    2021-01-08 07:46:18 From Ch. 21



  • Empress


    2021-01-07 20:45:36 From Ch. 146

    we have come this far and still no advance in their relationship other then misunderstandings


  • Jenny_khu


    2021-01-07 06:02:43 From Ch. 146

    that's the worst I hate these kind of plots where they pretend to be someone else .....even so it's still a lie why can't you come forward honestly and apologize he still hasn't apologized for how he injured her legs before and forced her to do all sorts of things pretending to be good and bad ..... ml really is very annoying


  • ᴵ ᴺᴱᴱᴰ ˢᴼᴹᴱ ∀Ǝ┴ ʸᴬᴸᴸ

    ᴵ ᴺᴱᴱᴰ ˢᴼᴹᴱ ∀Ǝ┴ ʸᴬᴸᴸ

    2021-01-06 18:10:01 From Ch. 146

    the art style ** dammit I was too fast typing this comment 🤦🏻‍♀


  • Shin-ae the smol~

    Shin-ae the smol~

    2021-01-06 18:06:38 From Ch. 146

    It is


  • Shin-ae the smol~

    Shin-ae the smol~

    2021-01-06 18:04:13 From Ch. 146

    Honestly one of the worst freaking male leads I’ve seen. He didn’t trust her to begin with. Then when she risked her life trying to save him from poison, he threw her into a dungeon where she almost died if it wasn’t for a butler who helped her. Then he tries to make things “better” by going to her room and forcing her to live with him when she is obviously very uncomfortable. He doesn’t apologize. Then he sends her to the palace where he knows assassins are going to come after her and thinks that it’ll be fine if he has some guards stationed somewhere. Since she left early because people were also trying to kill her in the palace, the guards can’t save her and she is almost killed. He AGAIN doesn’t apologize for putting her life in danger, and gets mad at her for mentioning divorce after all he’s done. The story is trying to portray it as him being misunderstood by her and that he “loves” her, but if you love someone you wouldn’t bear putting them in danger for your own gain.


  • Shin-ae the smol~

    Shin-ae the smol~

    2021-01-06 17:57:15 From Ch. 146

    He really gonna ty to earn her love and trust by lying to her... this dude got some issues


  • admong


    2021-01-06 17:56:53 From Ch. 146

    I don’t think it matters anymore she gave up on him and moved on hopefully completely moved on


  • Shin-ae the smol~

    Shin-ae the smol~

    2021-01-06 17:56:05 From Ch. 146

    She doesn’t know that that’s him. Bet you she’s gonna be pissed wheb she finds out. This dumb ass really gonna lie to her to get her trust? Where the effing logic in that?!



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