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Modern My Sweetest You
My Sweetest You My Sweetest You
My Sweetest You

Author: DaMaiZhongJin

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  • Childhood trauma, the betrayal of boyfriend and bestie, being forced to lose virginity... who can be more unfortunate than me?!

She's a rich family's daughter. Centre of the stage and living without worry. When her best friend and boyfriend betray her, she even lost her virginity. After one night with a random stranger, she fled in sorrow. Five years later, she's back again with a cute little boy in hand...


  • Alecs Alecs

    Alecs Alecs

    2020-04-05 11:34:10 From Ch. 173

    honestly the plot seems to be predictable and kind of boring unlike the previous chapters(please don't hate me)


  • Visitor 81623

    Visitor 81623

    2020-04-05 10:30:25 From Ch. 58

    Oh God不不不This whole comic is such a meme不不不


  • Mary Xu

    Mary Xu

    2020-04-05 10:28:27 From Ch. 18

    I really wanna record everything on her phone and expose her rubbish personality online and ruin this aliens reputation


  • The 25th Baam

    The 25th Baam

    2020-04-05 08:22:57 From Ch. 173

    has ehe ever thought that the person he called his "wife" has kids back at home waiting for their mother to come back??? like hes so selfish of just thinking about himself...it would be fine by me if he abducted her only from her real husband but when she has kids? hell no


  • Shanks


    2020-04-05 06:20:13 From Ch. 173



  • Visitor 34967

    Visitor 34967

    2020-04-05 06:08:01 From Ch. 60

    why havent we seen baby lin


  • CielPhantomHive


    2020-04-05 06:00:50 From Ch. 131

    Now Bei just needs to tell Nan the truth..


  • Visitor 98028

    Visitor 98028

    2020-04-05 05:59:54 From Ch. 173

    what is the white hair guy name


  • Visitor 34967

    Visitor 34967

    2020-04-05 05:58:32 From Ch. 53

    it said sum like hacktheplanet totally normal


  • ChickenSoup_19


    2020-04-05 04:46:45 From Ch. 173

    you just spoiled it for me but I'm not even mad at you because I knew it was gonna happen. Stories like these are stupid, like they could already have a happy ending but the author extends it and make sit more problematic and that's when I know it's stupid, especially when one of the main characters lose their memories and the chapters extend to 200.


  • Visitor 97669

    Visitor 97669

    2020-04-05 04:19:46 From Ch. 127

    you know sometimes I just be angry and bie for being so secretive


  • Takota Ortiz

    Takota Ortiz

    2020-04-05 03:23:53 From Ch. 173

    Heeeeeell no dont you touch bei


  • Lisa


    2020-04-05 03:22:06 From Ch. 173

    they have differnent eye color real bei has green. nat has blue look in chapter


  • not naomi

    not naomi

    2020-04-05 03:00:10 From Ch. 173

    ( 嚚丞萵儮嚚丞萵)why the cliffhanger 唐


  • ~moira~


    2020-04-05 02:49:24 From Ch. 173

    I went to another site to see what would happen next, and let me tell you..The story is so bad now! like it was good at the beginning but once she lost her memory it went down hill, The story sucks! So anticlimactic


  • ~moira~


    2020-04-05 02:47:35 From Ch. 173

    I know! I went to another site to see what would happen next and all the chapters are so bad after that! Its not entertaining anymore! Its just irritating


  • _ItzAnya_


    2020-04-05 01:22:56 From Ch. 173

    They also have different eye color


  • _ItzAnya_


    2020-04-05 01:21:34 From Ch. 173

    I dont think they will fall for it cuz I believe her kids will know its not her


  • LuweiWei


    2020-04-04 23:42:44 From Ch. 173

    so sick!! that mr gu is sick. he need to see a doctor


  • Mystic Angel

    Mystic Angel

    2020-04-04 23:41:36 From Ch. 173

    Bei will not let it happen because she hasn't recovered her lost memories yet.



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