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Romance Love You Beyond My Thought
Love You Beyond My Thought Love You Beyond My Thought
Love You Beyond My Thought

Author: Ake

  • Replacing my young sister and becoming his wife, is it really the life I want?
  • When a person gets used to loving someone, he/she will lost the mind when quits.

Yolan has loved Colten for 11 years. Every cell in her body feels inferior. When she decides to end this love and to separate him from her life, she finds that the separation is not only pain, but also takes her life...



  • Akai Chi

    Akai Chi

    2021-01-13 20:51:04 From Ch. 95

    She had done it tho. She want Azure legality of guardianship, but she didn't said Colten can't see Azure, but just extra step by calling in advance.


  • Akai Chi

    Akai Chi

    2021-01-13 19:59:50 From Ch. 61

    I was already so afraid when he thought it's just Mason lies to keep Azure in An City :"


  • Akai Chi

    Akai Chi

    2021-01-13 19:49:40 From Ch. 50

    Could be that his company is not that far and the maid and guard manage to stall long enough. But.. I would love to cherish the thought that he actually is a doraemon :D


  • Marinette


    2021-01-10 05:27:37 From Ch. 14

    Can he say it again?? I'd love to hear it again because that was well said!!!!


  • Marinette


    2021-01-10 05:22:39 From Ch. 10

    You can say that again!!!😋


  • 𝙋𝙨𝙮𝙘𝙝𝙤𝙥𝙖𝙩𝙝


    2021-01-05 12:32:34 From Ch. 136

    does this comic cliffhanger ? or the story seems disappointed ?👀(i don't want to waste my 30coins for open last chapter 😂) i just want to unfavourite cliffhanger/disappointed comics, it's too much here and hard to search comic for read lol


  • Tanka


    2021-01-05 04:48:32 From Ch. 136

    Think about how the kid would feel though


  • M O O N_B A B Y🌙

    M O O N_B A B Y🌙

    2021-01-04 09:18:25 From Ch. 19

    Amen sister.


  • crissy_binnie


    2020-12-30 04:48:11 From Ch. 7

    lol I was here to comment the same 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂*dead*


  • mas zulaikha

    mas zulaikha

    2020-12-29 12:51:34 From Ch. 19

    it's "if I have never loved you" almost the same as this comic...


  • Xia Yi♥Lin Lu

    Xia Yi♥Lin Lu

    2020-12-28 10:04:41 From Ch. 9

    "just because you used to it,doesnt mean its not hurt anymore"


  • Fatimaaa


    2020-12-23 22:53:22 From Ch. 108

    Not good my grama passed away the 19


  • Mericips


    2020-12-22 22:56:28 From Ch. 85

    @Kitt true. But emotional blackmail/abuse/gaslighting/ keeping you somewhere under false pretense is no better than physical abuse.


  • Janelle Pagalan

    Janelle Pagalan

    2020-12-19 11:11:34 From Ch. 45

    who is the father of the child of yolan?????


  • Visitor 17906

    Visitor 17906

    2020-12-17 10:07:44 From Ch. 136

    I'd like to think that the ml went crazy, and that all of this "happy ending" shit is only a hallucination. Yuki died because she was abused by the crazy ml. And that Mason and the Fl officially got married, and together with Azure they are in New Zealand, and eventually going to Paris for fl to pursue her studies.


  • lover boy 419

    lover boy 419

    2020-12-17 09:41:25 From Ch. 29

    what i want is torture her so much she'll volunteer to due🤬☠💀


  • I love pink

    I love pink

    2020-12-13 03:10:11 From Ch. 52

    I sang the let it go song after reading this comment.😸


  • Sanda McKitty

    Sanda McKitty

    2020-12-01 10:28:44 From Ch. 125

    @Imon Patra it's not really heartless, when I commented this I just wanted her to be happy and just state that people don't have to be together to raise a child, sure she might have feelings for him but that doesn't mean they'll have a healthy relationship. They can live their own lives and still give the kid all the love and care she needs.


  • Imon Patra

    Imon Patra

    2020-12-01 10:11:18 From Ch. 125

    why are u people are so heartless if would be better for all ; yolan, Colten and their cute little daughter . Colten realized his mistake long back, suffered a lot same went through yolan I agree, but this doesn't mean Colten is a demon, he loves her and I think yolan also has some feelings for him in her heart but she doesn't listen to her heart anymore I think that I would be better for the couple and their kid


  • Meraj Hossen Akib

    Meraj Hossen Akib

    2020-11-30 22:30:43 From Ch. 27

    He still has the heart to go on date with step sister after kill his own children for her😶😶😶



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