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Historical Shadow Slayer
Shadow Slayer Shadow Slayer
Shadow Slayer

Author: Yuz’ki

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  • "If I can't be with you under the light, let me be your guardian in the shadows."
  • Love torn between court conspiracies and the world of martial arts.

Saved and raised by an assassin, Shangguan XueMei lived as the Phantom Thief, saving the helpless as her savior did her. But when the Emperor demanded his brother, Xuan Feng to have her captured, the world she once belonged to entwined itself with the one she now called home.


  • Maria Item

    Maria Item

    2020-02-22 16:49:34 From Ch. 55

    No ;-;


  • Qness


    2020-02-20 06:19:54 From Ch. 55

    I love tragedies!


  • Rovie Rebs

    Rovie Rebs

    2020-02-19 04:09:26 From Ch. 0 Prologue

    naol talaga


  • ivy-sese❤


    2020-02-16 06:00:49 From Ch. 55

    hell noooooooo!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


  • Kitty girl 😸

    Kitty girl 😸

    2020-02-15 20:24:34 From Ch. 55

    aww poor xuemei


  • Lucio Lala Adelaida

    Lucio Lala Adelaida

    2020-02-15 15:48:58 From Ch. 55

    see more ok wow


  • BurnTheRose


    2020-02-15 10:03:51 From Ch. 55

    Why do you have to play with my heart like this 😭😭😭


  • Visitor 53445

    Visitor 53445

    2020-02-15 08:39:48 From Ch. 15

    yeah A remarkable night ehh😑😑😕😀?ehh hope so!!😆😆😈😈


  • kate meyer

    kate meyer

    2020-02-15 07:46:40 From

    I don't get it....what did she just do ??


  • Lady Julie

    Lady Julie

    2020-02-15 07:19:51 From Ch. 55

    i wish the season 2 and 3 will be relaeased soon after the finale and I wish it is an upspree!!!


  • Visitor 75329

    Visitor 75329

    2020-02-15 07:03:07 From Ch. 43

    the last panel . I'm in loveee 😍


  • Visitor 75329

    Visitor 75329

    2020-02-15 07:00:45 From Ch. 55

    uhhh . it hurts my heart 💔 😭😭😭


  • Ruthy Morales

    Ruthy Morales

    2020-02-15 05:30:11 From Ch. 55

    ugh this broke my heart!! And even more knowing the next episode is the season finale!!! But what the hell!!!! What is she gonna wait for? for him to have to marry and find an empress??? will she then realize how much she truly loves him!!!???? This is bull!! She sacrificed herself for HIM, I understand she did it for the safety of the people bc he was the best choice as the Emperor, but he REALLY never wanted it without HER!! And now there is no HER, I truly hope that he doesn't give up on her, nor her on him, I want their love to flourish, PLEASE dear sweet author!!!


  • Frances Guzman

    Frances Guzman

    2020-02-15 05:21:52 From Ch. 55

    well I know why but man its so sad... my heart hurts for them 💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😢😢😢


  • Frances Guzman

    Frances Guzman

    2020-02-15 05:21:14 From Ch. 55

    Noooo!!!! Whyyyyy???!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔


  • Jamie Anderson-Stewart

    Jamie Anderson-Stewart

    2020-02-12 16:29:56 From Ch. 54

    Her blood is poison. She does not want to her blood to kill him.


  • faria pritu

    faria pritu

    2020-02-07 14:08:55 From Ch. 54

    Can anyone tell me where I can find the raw chapters ??? pls


  • Nikki Saku

    Nikki Saku

    2020-02-07 11:02:32 From Ch. 54



  • TheAngryQueen


    2020-02-07 07:00:53 From Ch. 54

    I can understand her. She can't give him any children and he needs them as his heirs. She doesn't want to see him pushed on another woman embrace while she is her wife. And if he refuses to have any children or to give up his right as the new ruler, it will be a serious problem.


  • Melanie Boadu

    Melanie Boadu

    2020-02-07 05:57:55 From Ch. 54

    This is just like every other story with this kind of plot.They’ll meet again a few years later and fall in love all over again..🙄



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