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Drama Enchanted
Enchanted Enchanted

Author: Hi U Comics&Cloud Home

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  • You will never realize that love hurts until you truly fall in love with someone.
  • Set in the period of late Qing Dynatsy of China, around 1890s.

Wan Xiang married to a civilian-born governor in troubled times because of a marriage contract after the decline and fall of Qing Dynasty. However, their marriage didn't bring any happiness but her husband's indifference to her. Until one day she met the person of destiny. When the true love comes, how will she choose?


  • pOiSoN


    2020-01-24 07:08:53 From Ch. 139

    It’s exactly what happened before with xia biwei, now he feels how tong felt all this time...


  • Scarlet Busain Siano

    Scarlet Busain Siano

    2020-01-24 06:57:17 From Ch. 139

    Yeah and the way tongwang doing is not right I know she loves him but every time she meet with ninglang she's doubting


  • Hinata napthali

    Hinata napthali

    2020-01-24 06:15:41 From Ch. 139

    why can't u say u love him.hope their will be other girl to snack his husband hope u can feel the pain he feel for you.


  • Willow Lee6E

    Willow Lee6E

    2020-01-24 05:53:54 From Ch. 139

    😭 I wish one of them would back out. This is so sad.


  • comic mania

    comic mania

    2020-01-24 04:51:23 From Ch. 139

    she is stupid... always confused


  • Tahmina Mitu

    Tahmina Mitu

    2020-01-24 04:49:34 From Ch. 139

    please say you love commander


  • lilygoplanner


    2020-01-24 04:39:11 From Ch. 139

    Tow Wan is such a fool, why can't she tell the truth??? she always want him to understand without word, how come??? they can't telepathy!!!!! he can't read your mind girl!!!


  • SortedSoprano


    2020-01-24 04:31:31 From Ch. 139

    He's still dealing with the guilt of what he did to her before they got married. So he feels extremely inferior. That's something he'll have to work out for himself, because no matter how much she shows and tells him she loves him, it'll never be enough.


  • Hana Agustin

    Hana Agustin

    2020-01-24 03:50:46 From Ch. 139

    OMG....so sweet 😍😍😍


  • nidhi singh

    nidhi singh

    2020-01-24 03:28:51 From Ch. 139

    🤦she is moron she got married to huo loving him now she wants ninglang 🙄 is she mad or what ? huo be prepared betrayal is on his way


  • Lucio Lala Adelaida

    Lucio Lala Adelaida

    2020-01-24 03:05:15 From Ch. 139

    see more ok wow


  • Ning WA

    Ning WA

    2020-01-24 03:03:59 From Ch. 139

    I feel like she cheatin him love? what I see she just wants anyone love of not why must be feeling sad for others man


  • Dee Santiago

    Dee Santiago

    2020-01-24 02:52:05 From Ch. 139

    Oh this melts my heart.


  • Joana Mananquil

    Joana Mananquil

    2020-01-24 02:50:44 From Ch. 139

    why cant she just say she love her husband,.sometimes i hate tong wans attitude like playing cat and mouse


  • Kai levine

    Kai levine

    2020-01-24 02:00:15 From Ch. 139

    You love jinsheng, but please say you love him too. Sometimes hjs feels that afraid to lose her. So, plz say you love him. You two love each other


  • Elle Joy

    Elle Joy

    2020-01-24 01:49:40 From Ch. 139

    Why can't she say it? I mean if she doesn't love Ninglang why can't she say it to him. This makes everything complicated.


  • _C_i_e_l _

    _C_i_e_l _

    2020-01-24 01:24:45 From Ch. 139

    I think he wants to hear from her... sometimes words put feelings in better way sometimes not..


  • TheDarkAngel


    2020-01-24 01:01:05 From Prologue

    Come on we all love the tsundere type!


  • Sebastian_Michaelis


    2020-01-24 00:41:39 From Ch. 139

    well chinese modesty


  • Silu Mahara

    Silu Mahara

    2020-01-24 00:24:04 From Ch. 139

    Why is She so confused with her own feelings? 😳



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