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Completed Cereus
Cereus Cereus

Author: Zushi

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  • "Ask for help they say, but the moment you do, you are labeled as a fake, attention - seeker."
  • She hides her pain behind a lie of smiles, He hides the face of his past behind a mask.
  • A story that will hit close to home for many; though sad, gives hope and reminds no one is truly alone in this world.

Reina is a college student who struggles with depression and anxiety. As the prospective heir of her father's conglomerate, Reina is under constant pressure to succeed and be the best at everything. Except, she feels like she is falling behind compared to everyone else around her making her feel like a failure. Tired of it all, she decides to end her life only to be stopped by a man in a mask. From there, an unexpected yet special friendship begins to grow between the two that blooms into something beautiful.


  • ^_^   >^_^< ;)

    ^_^ >^_^< ;)

    2020-01-28 16:30:06 From Ch. 4

    Hahah. This comment is killing.😂😂


  • _starrypop_


    2020-01-28 15:45:54 From Ch. 22

    it looks like everyone in this story has gone threw something but at the same time no one talks about it so no one knows what there going through


  • aquaprincess21


    2020-01-28 14:53:27 From Ch. 11

    I'm liking this story so far, every character has specific disorder. this is also another way of building communication for some readers going through this kind of situation.


  • Suensia


    2020-01-28 13:21:30 From

    Micheal and her fit perfectly together if that girl with the pink hair is going to ruin it I'd get mad and I'm happy Micheal understood her and stayed even after she told him.


  • Jasper Grey

    Jasper Grey

    2020-01-28 12:16:10 From Ch. 34



  • Belle 🥀

    Belle 🥀

    2020-01-28 08:04:20 From Season 1 Ending Note

    Don't ever separate Reina and Mike PLEASE. They're my love medicine 💕💋😭


  • Lady Scarlette

    Lady Scarlette

    2020-01-28 05:50:25 From Ch. 9

    Can't stop reading! I so love every chapter though I just recently read it. Thank you author for this comic ❤


  • Teresa Satanza

    Teresa Satanza

    2020-01-28 05:05:27 From Ch. 2

    well, this is literally me...😔😔 I try to sucide for many times but I just got injuries. I didn't die. Everyone in the world hates me. No one wants me live and even sees my face. Even my parents hate me so much. They even said that I'm nothing to them. I'm just a trash. I must die and they will be happy so much. I really hate myself...😞😞


  • Visitor71705


    2020-01-28 03:48:21 From Ch. 16

    Oh she’s so gorgeous though!!


  • Yana_Cutie140


    2020-01-28 03:43:28 From Ch. 16

    Overthinking really does mess up your head 😕 this is why I don't think too much for awhile 😑 cuz when stress and tension piles up in your brain... you become more depressive.


  • Visitor71705


    2020-01-28 03:32:32 From Ch. 10

    Oh man...to be honest...he doesn’t seem like a terrible guy.


  • Visitor71705


    2020-01-28 03:30:04 From Ch. 9 A Friendly Face



  • Visitor71705


    2020-01-28 03:18:19 From Ch. 3

    That hug 😭😭🤩 Meh ship is starting to sail


  • Silverine Mawroh

    Silverine Mawroh

    2020-01-28 02:52:34 From Ch. 33

    well one of my guy friends whom i really like and idk we might end up together in future i guess told he was suffering from a particular disease i cant mention it though but it cant be passed on to somebody...tbh he was scared as hell and tried laughing to make it seem like its nothing but i can clearly understand the way he talks he was just scared if a girl wont accept him for who he was...he asked me whether its okay or not,whether he deserved to have a girl in his life or he should be alone...the disease isnt tht bad as having aids but he might not be able to have kids and in our society havng kids are like blessings and there is always tht emptiness when ur not surrounded by little ones...but i did tell him that it really doesnt matter...u just hve to accept whtevr plans God made for you and try to be happy for once


  • Silverine Mawroh

    Silverine Mawroh

    2020-01-28 02:33:37 From Ch. 32

    its so true...people always look down on people who have aids like its their fault like they wanted to hve by their own will...i just wish people would think twice before sayng nonsense


  • Silverine Mawroh

    Silverine Mawroh

    2020-01-28 02:08:25 From Ch. 27

    he got aids he cant be cured...ahh im already expecting a tragic ending


  • Miyori Raimisu

    Miyori Raimisu

    2020-01-27 19:15:17 From Extra: scarf story

    I read this in less than 2hrs holyshite😲 the author is amazing thank you so much for this wonderful story it's taught me a lot about myself and consideration for others. Yes, it's 2am.so good 👏 night 👏


  • peachyjeomint


    2020-01-27 15:30:12 From Ch. 33



  • potatowedges


    2020-01-27 10:22:35 From Season 1 Ending Note

    ...... wait, how about Spencer. i mean, of course I appreciated your decision, but well it's just, I don't understand my own mind, once it's think the MC is a MC and nothing gonna changes it, so I just kind of disappointed seeing Spencer that way, i know it's because you won't do something cliché but c'mon, no matter how good their relationship i still gonna ship her with Spencer till the end because he was the MC to begin with, lol nvm forgive me, i just, well


  • Sia x Army

    Sia x Army

    2020-01-27 07:35:32 From Ch. 31

    who is a sadist 👉👈?



Completed, ^ ^(IDK)

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