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Bi Cheon Mu/비천무/Bichunmoo



Bi Cheon Mu/비천무/Bichunmoo




Kim, Hyerin

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Jinha wanders around with his uncle fatefully meets Suli who is mixed blood of Han and Molgol in Habuksung, Sanmehyun. The two people deeply fell in love but they are cruelly forced to farewell due to the death of Suli’s mother. Even though they are apart, they they see each other from the distance. Suli runs to an arbor in order to wait for Jinha every half month. However, Jinha is forced to get married to Namgoongjun, a native han tribe. Meanwhile, jinha hears of birth secret from dead uncle, he pledged to make revenge for his parents and sharpen himself to be a swordman. A cruel fate makes the two meet as foes and they are also ended up falling into a swirl. With Joowonjang and jinwooryang scrambling for political power, the twisted confrontation which likely it to be banal makes the story more interesting. (Source: MangaUpdates)

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